Dog and Horse compatibility horoscope

Dog and Horse compatibility horoscope
Understanding what your Chinese horoscope sign says about you can help you find out if you are compatible with your partner, what types of issues may arise, and how to avoid or solve them. A relationship between a Dog and a Horse does have long term potential, as your natures balance each other well at times. However, as with any relationship, opposing natures that can balance each other can also create conflict. Being aware of your natures based on your Chinese zodiac signs will help you to promote peace and harmony in your relationship.

As a Dog, you are stable, loyal, logical, loving, and you fiercely guard your home and family. You crave stability and you understand that about yourself. Your Horse partner, on the other hand, was born with a dual nature. She has both the urge to run free with the wind, and the need for the approval of the herd. She craves the attention of others far more than you do, and will enjoy gossip and parties while you would prefer to be at home. She is attracted to your logical nature, however, and your preference for stability is a grounding force for her.

A romantic partnership with a Horse is good for Dogs, who occasionally need to come out of their shells and venture outside the home to make new friends. Stability is excellent, but even Dogs need some variety, and a Horse provides that. Your easily excitable Horse will pull you out of the doldrums and you will keep her grounded enough to appreciate what she has and not always go galloping off after more. Your pessimistic manner is countered by your Horse's more upbeat and optimistic, less serious nature.

Horses have a very straightforward and honest manner, and in females this can be seen as being "curt" or nagging. (The word "nag" actually refers to an old horse.) A partner with a more volatile nature would take offence at the Horse's words, which sometimes cut deep, but a steady, reliable Dog can take these words in the manner they were meant, and avoid becoming overly offended.

To sum up the compatibility between Dogs and Horses: Dogs and Horses balance each other well in a relationship, as the compatibility of their natures can result in a very stable and loving union. The logical, practical nature of the Dog grounds the more social and flighty nature of the horse, but he is loyal and true to his smart and excitable partner. Horses are both perceptive and straightforward, which can be a hurtful combination if their partners cannot understand and accept the way they communicate, but the gentle, loving, and loyal dog will not take offense at the horse's occasionally curt observations. The dog is there to calm his Horse's anxieties and fears with his steadfast presence. This relationship has a strong potential to last.

Lynn 2014-08-15 13:10:55
Year of the Horse Woman
casually dating Year of the Dog
Man  :) whoop whoop

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amanda 2014-12-27 08:06:02
Is he younger than you or older? Just wondering because I know the dog male would be 4 yrs younger or 8 yrs older, thanks  :)

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jasmine 2014-08-05 00:09:44

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