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Dog and Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Dog 💝 Snake Compatibility

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Dog and Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Dog and Snake Zodiac Signs.

Dog Years of Birth: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

Snake Years of Birth: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Knowing more about the sign you were born under, and your partner's sign, will help you assess your compatibility, as well as what relationship troubles, if any, you are likely to have down the road and how to avoid them.

Your nature, as a Dog, is to be loyal and steadfast to your partner and family. You have a pessimistic nature and are prone to anxiety and insecurity, but as long as you have a partner that can cheer you up, you'll be okay. You prefer a stable routine without too much shallow socializing, and need a partner that is as loyal as you are, because once you have been deeply hurt you will become very defensive and snappish.

Snakes are intelligent, and can distance themselves from their emotions. They are very calculating, and lust after power and money. A snake will do whatever she can to get what she wants, as she feels the ends (especially in business) always justify the means. Although a snake can be a little cheap with money, she is not a completely selfish person. Snakes will give a lot of their own time to help their friends. They have a gift with money management, and combined with their lack of scruples this makes them successful in business.

Snakes and Dogs do have the potential to get along. As long as your Snake only performs her clever manipulations on others, and does not try it on you, you will not feel betrayed. Your strong sense of right and wrong, however, is likely to be offended by the way she treats others in the pursuit of her goals. Dogs and Snakes may find themselves in many disagreements over morals.

Since your Snake partner is likely to be materialistic while you are not, she may have expectations of you when it comes to buying gifts that you don't meet. Snakes are happy with Dogs as companions because they demand unwavering loyalty and Dogs are happy to give it. Despite your Snake's tendency to manipulate and double cross others, she herself will be extremely offended at every minor slight. If you find you cannot stand hypocrisy, you are likely to disapprove of the actions of your Snake partner.

Overall, your Dog personality will get on well with a Snake. You will enjoy each other's company, as the Snake allows herself to be tender and supportive to the ones she loves, which, as a Dog, you will need from time to time. If your Snake is willing to compromise on occasion so that her actions do not offend your sense of justice and what is right, you are likely to be happy. If Snakes can get past their tendency to have a wandering eye, they make great parents, and the spark will never go out when you are married to a sensual, seductive Snake!


Compatibility of Dog Snake couple Dog Snake Compatibility Horoscope

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Earth snake who likes a dog 2017-11-23 09:53:42
I am an earth snake and I don't agree with doing whatever means to get what I want and I'm very conscientious to be able to do that... It's a big question!!! and I'm not really materialistic because what I want are just usually the bare necessities..I want to have a comfortable home even if it's small it's okay. I want to have groceries supplies, I just want my family to be happy. Eat at home. I have a very strong sense of justice. I currently like someone who is a dog. Based from what I gathered he is very sensitive and caring. Anyway he is younger than me by 4years. I have reservations but I like him which I don't know how it happened.
earth snake 2016-02-05 06:46:50
I am an earth snake with a water dog for 3 years now. I am not in any way materialistic, rather the opposite. I prefer simplicity and nature. I value honesty and respect, i see them as pathways to success. It sounds exhausting to be the kind of snake described above. I am not at all a jealous or manipulative person, i have never had it in me and even if i had the will i just don't think i could make my brain work that way. My boyfriend is a little jealous very occassionally but only in a sweet way and because he loves me so much that he thinks everyone else must and he IS anxious and insecure, can be snappy and aggressive when he feels a fear has been realised (often something very insignificant, cleaning related or a misunderstanding), i have put an enormous amount of work into reassuring him of his incredible beauty. This is completely worth it because he grows and changes all the time. I will stay by his side forever and support him through his fears and he supports me through mine with his stability of character and unwavering commitment.

I think whoever wrote this entry above must have had a bad experience or be biased against snakes in some way as it certainly does not describe all snakes or even probably the majority, it is unfairly harsh and extreme, in my opinion.

Over all, however, my partner is more similar to me that anyone else i have ever met.

we are different but we are harmonious, peaceful, loving, honest, non-manipulative, non-materialistic, entirely compatible, entirely happy and entirely in love.
DJoy 2017-09-16 04:40:54
I agree with you. I am a snake as well and do not get attached at all to material things and actually hate money. I won't even date men with money. I like to earn everything myself that I need (and I need no more than the minimum for basics - grew up with little and was my happiest then), am very independent, and have given away most of what I have owned. I am involved frequently in humanitarian projects. Maybe that comes moreso with maturity because when I was younger I certainly did not feel as much empathy for others (I truly feel their pain), but even then I liked to help people, feel needed, feel like I was making a positive difference that made my life more worthy. I would almost say I have a self-sacrifice and guilt complex - if I'm not doing for others even if that means I have to suffer, then I feel guilty.
Snakegirl 2016-02-14 01:28:15
I am dating a water dog as well. I was born in 89 making me a earth snake. We have been in a relationship for 6 years now. I can be possessive and very jealous of him, mainly the fact that he has a lot of female friends. He is quick to snap at me and shows little remorse when I am upset. He constantly tells me I am spoiled and sensitive. He has a way of being overly critical on me and it can hurt. I know he loves me because of the small things he does for me. He doesn't show much emotion but will reveal his love for me at the most random moments. I currently have a wood oxen who is interested in being with me. We click much better but I feel he can be very smothering and stubborn. I would never be unfaithful to my dog but I am starting to think we are not that compatible. I am not ready to give up so I am trying to make the relationship last.
Nouran 2015-12-09 08:02:05
I have a dear friend who's a dog we met year ago online we just feel so close & huge amount of understanding Is there
We make each other feel good we almost have the same feelings mostly....I don't know if we can ever meet but I hope so....
Snake 2015-06-30 17:34:07
I am a fire snake who is also a Gemini presently dating a dog who is also an Aquarian . And perhaps because of our western star sign we are absolutely crazy about each other. Interestingly though I am a full on snake charming, seductive, flirty , manipulative etc etc .. I do know that he is very loyal which is very comforting for me .. However I am still playing my games ;-) and he is yet to find out that I can be loyal like a dog too :-)
shelly 2015-06-19 22:38:27
Hi ! I am a snake n my husband is a sounds funny 😃 ..y am I so possessive about him.I know he is loyal towards me but still d feeling of possesiveness is killing me inside.And this results a huge fight between us.And yes he always try to make me jealous by commenting about a random girl.R we both compatible enough to have a peaceful n great future..please reply
dog needs hsi bitch 2016-02-06 11:03:59
im a dog myself and i tell you a dogs secret, dog needs his bitches!

you think you are possessive? he is fucking around with bitches that juggle nuts like gypsy
snake89 2015-05-03 02:05:27
When it comes to any zodiac sign, you must always consider the individual's horoscope sign as well... If your horoscope signs crash though your zodiac signs are aligned, that will still cause problems.
snake2 2014-08-29 08:56:27
All dogs try to make their mate jealous b/c they are insecure especially when young. I know one that had a thing for me but bypassed him completely when I hugged him and felt nothing (not one pitter patter from his heart). Here is a hint. Justin Bieber is a dog. Nuf said
Snakethateatdogs 2017-01-20 05:02:42
Message from snake2
All dogs try to make their mate jealous b/c they are insecure especially when young. I know one that had a thing for me but bypassed him completely when I hugged him and felt nothing (not one pitter patter from his heart). Here is a hint. Justin Bieber is a dog. Nuf said

Awe gosh reading too much TMZ forreal, awe I a snake and i am a close friend actually of Jb, I feel/think i understand what you mean about those types of people but if we personally feel jelly toward someone else, it's our own clouded judgement, cause he always means well, he doesn't sleep around or with any of those tabloid models, singers or promo girls. i know this is a really old past judgment that doesn't need to resurface, i just can say from a friendship i can understand where he is coming from and that he has a huge heart, beyond measure. cause what we all saw outside of his life isn't really who he is, when he is living his life and getting to spend time with his family etc... it isn't even half of his is literally a soap opra made up from all the crap we read, he said she said crap ...its all crap, you know why cause he is loyal, kind, open, needless to say he can speak for himself if ever he reads this... . i doubt as he doesn't seek to learn of how we interact or how we think of people's compatibilities in fact cause he knows who he is, when i first met the kid ' it was awkward, he is extremely shy as a person, but yes it takes warming up to learn to be respectful and earn that level of faith in someone else without getting caught in the head lights, cause in the end love is inevitable with the one you want most.

xx " Watch, do you mean? "
Mary 2014-07-16 05:18:25
I was with a Dod and relationship was very controlling. We ended breaking up due to his sneaky texting at night. He was unfaithful.He was a great lover but i could never trust him
joaniepooh 2014-08-06 23:48:08
Wow, is that true? I live with a dog right now and I can trust him but he likes to control and he also likes to make me jealous with comments about other women paying him attention. Mind you, I am very cute and attractive and he's attractive in a funky kind of way....I am not sure about our relationship. He was married to a libra woman and he had two kids with her with no love but according to him, he loves me but doesn't really want any more children at this stage in his life. What do you think?
Snake 2014-08-22 07:00:28
I'm currently living with a dog. We have been together for almost three years! He can be very moody at times and our arguments are explosive. Overall I think he loves me because he will do anything for me. We just clash on morals and different things. He also makes me jealous.

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