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Snake and Rooster Compatibility Horoscope

Snake 💝 Rooster Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope

Snake and Rooster Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Snake and Rooster Zodiac Signs.

Snake Years of Birth: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Rooster Years of Birth: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029

For centuries, the Chinese zodiac has helped people plan the course of their lives. Your Chinese horoscope contains detailed information about your personality, and where you are likely to succeed in love and business. You will have long term love only if you pay attention to how compatible you are with your partner.

If you are a Snake, you are cool and calculating. You are an intellectual, and you use your brains for your own gain in a very deliberate way. You carefully analyze every situation; you are a deep thinker who loves to contemplate fine art, political science, and philosophy. You have an air of mystery about you, and others find you magnetic and irresistible. You dress well, and keep yourself well groomed, as well. You are very charming and sexy, and no one notices your emotions beneath your cool exterior.

You are skilled in the art of rhetoric, and although you do not crave the spotlight, you are fantastic at delivering speeches. You crave a partner with similar intellectual interests, and you will have amazing conversations. Others are impressed by how well you handle your money. Even though you always seem to be dressed in designer clothes, you never overspend. The secret is that you work hard and save up for what you want rather than over spending your budget.

You are a passionate lover. Despite your cool exterior, you are intense in a relationship.

You are very jealous, and you need a lover who will be faithful to you and only you.

A Rooster makes a fairly good partner for you. Roosters share your fine taste in clothes, although a Rooster dresses for attention. Her style will be a bit flashier than yours; she loves to preen and strut about with all eyes on her. Roosters are creative, talented, and optimistic, with lots of energy. They are very organized, and you will admire how she never misses an appointment or finishes a project late, even though she takes on twice as much responsibility as most people.

Since Roosters are quick thinkers like you, you will respect a Rooster. The two of you are very driven, and you have the connections to help her reach her dreams and goals. She will admire your skills, and will love to be center stage, impressing your friends and business partners. Both of you think with your heads rather than your hearts, and your relationship is likely to be calm. Neither one of you has emotional highs or lows.

If you are honest with yourself, you must admit that you have a habit of using others for your own ends. When you really love someone, she will be able to trust you completely, but until then you will be a bit of a heartbreaker. Go slow, and do not commit until you are ready. A Rooster is a good match for you, and you don't want to lose her. Your interests are similar, and your talents balance out well.

Compatibility of Snake Rooster couple Snake Rooster Compatibility Horoscope

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Snake women 2016-03-27 02:02:51
This is true most parts about the male rooster and the Love is awesome it seems to go on and on . except one thing that's puzzling is snakes work harder. 😃 it's a wonderful love .

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