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Snake and Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Snake 💝 Ox Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope

Snake and Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Snake and Ox Zodiac Signs.

Snake Years of Birth: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Ox Years of Birth: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

The Chinese horoscope has been helping people gain insight into their personalities for centuries. You can discover a lot about your strengths and weaknesses by consulting your Chinese zodiac sign. How compatible you are with a partner depends on many personality traits, and information gleaned from your horoscope can help you avoid problems in your relationship.

Snakes are attractive and magnetic. They are aloof, and this inspires romantic and lustful thoughts in others. If you are a Snake, you are likely used to women approaching you. You keep your feelings far below the surface, and do not get upset or lose control the way others do. Your are highly intellectual, and well suited to a job in finance. Snakes are simply wizards with money. You hesitate to trust others, and do not open up much, but you are not clingy or controlling in a relationship. You enjoy the finer things in life, and do not mind paying more for them, as long as you can afford it.

If you are in love with an Ox, you might be interested to know that she was born under the hardest working sign of the zodiac. Oxen do not demand attention from others, and they are happiest when they have a challenging goal to work towards. Many people misunderstand Oxen, and think that they are slow or stupid. The truth is, no Ox will make up her mind without carefully considering all possible consequences.

It may take longer for them to make a decision, but once they do, they rarely make the wrong choice. Oxen can be stubborn, but the reason they refuse to change their minds is because they have already picked the best choice available.

Sometimes an Ox will miss an opportunity because she deliberates too long. You can help an Ox make up her mind a little faster sometimes. Oxen do not like to date frivolous or shallow people, and will appreciate deep intelligent thinkers who are calm and collected like you are.

You will get along well with an Ox. Neither one of you experiences turbulent emotional ups or downs. Your passion will help stir stronger emotions in the Ox, and she will really appreciate how you stay calm and never become hysterical or overly emotional. Oxen are faithful, honest mates who would never think of straying, which is good because you are very jealous and do not allow lovers to betray you. Oxen are not materialistic and don't spend much money, so the two of you will have more than enough to manage your household.

You have a lot in common with an Ox, and many complimentary talents. Oxen do not have your driving ambition, and will be happy to perform more domestic chores if you wish to pursue success in business. Oxen are so steady and dependable that they make ideal partners, and you will appreciate that she is undemanding and supportive. All in all, this should be a successful and long lasting union.

Compatibility of Snake Ox couple Snake Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Comments: Snake Ox Compatibility Horoscope

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Wooden Ox 2019-02-17 10:04:00
I married a sheep..we have so many differences, most of the time i felt unhappy i met rooster and he’s so sweet to me but we cant be together coz im married..i prefered to be just friend with him.
Wooden Oxen 2017-01-23 23:51:48
I love my fire snake, and keep falling in love each and everyday! He is the most amazing man I've ever met! We got engaged within a year, and married not long after. And things just keeps getting better, we are stronger together.
Snake women 2016-03-27 02:01:45
Ox lie too much very clingy and yell too much ,lazy .
Lady Metal Ox 2018-10-31 09:34:09
Have to Disagree 100% “Snake women”; any Ox I’’ve personally met (self included), make Credibility a Life Priority. Lying simply is counterintuitive. Regrets you found a hypocrite. Best of luck to you.
Water ox 2018-02-11 22:57:30
Wrooong...I never lie, never cling and rarely as a honest cucumber
Snake-Ox 2017-02-01 23:29:14
Thats kind of accurate. But your missing their passion for life and boredome for those who do not have passion. Getting a little worked up sometimes is what keeps an ox plowing
Katina 2016-06-28 06:18:55
This is so not true. Ox doesn't lie so I don't what ox did you mean here.They are very loyal and a hard working person.

leah 2015-05-22 01:56:32
I was born in a snake year, ox month and my friend was born during an ox year, monkey month. We are Capricorn and Leo in the Western astrology. We get along well - he has some really good qualities from the ox year - like being very hardworking, but some not very good qualities from the monkey month like cheating and lying sometimes. I think in the 4-pillar astrology the readers should look at all 4 pillars to get a better idea, because the year is only one of the four.
indi 2015-02-19 03:38:08
thank you for this. I am extremely happy with my snake. He destroyed my all barrier with smooth way. we are each other feeling secure, love, happy, fun, enjoy and peace inside.
Snake man! 2015-02-18 09:32:40
me too...Thank you! I am very happy with my Ox woman.
snake 2014-10-23 23:02:45
Thank you for this in depth analysis! I am very happy with my ox partner 🙂

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