Snake and Monkey compatibility horoscope

Snake and Monkey compatibility horoscope
If you are tired of relationships that don't last, it is a good idea to read your Chinese horoscope. Your Chinese zodiac sign says a lot about your personalities, and can tell you where your strengths and weaknesses lay in a relationship. The more you know about yourself, the more you can make good choices in love and find a compatible long term partner.

If you are a Snake, you are intelligent and talented. Unlike some zodiac signs, you do not feel the need to brag about it or show off. You are quite content to pursue your own goals quietly in the background, but you cannot hide your talents and people are drawn to you. You have a calm, cool attitude that reflects supreme confidence. Since you do not open up to people and keep your feelings hidden, you project an air of mystery that many women find irresistible. As a result, you have no problem starting relationships. You are romantic and charming, and your skills with flattery mean that you have no shortage of admirers. Your cool attitude prevails even in an emergency, and you stay calm even when others are panicking. You are brilliant at handling money, and even though you love expensive things, you never overspend.

Monkeys are very clever, and they are capable of keeping up with you intellectually. At the beginning of your relationship, romance will rule the day and you will be very caught up in each other. The Monkey is a trickster, however, and she may try to use you for her own ends. You are no stranger to these tactics, and the two of you are likely to see your romance as a complex game, with each of you trying to one up the other. This is acceptable to you as long as the Monkey does not have a fling with another man, because you are wildly jealous. As long as she can stay faithful to you, the two of you will have a burning chemistry both physically and mentally.

You two romantic charmers will find your love is very intense. You may find yourselves so wrapped up in each other that you have time for little else. There is great potential in this relationship, as long as neither one of you betrays the other. Since both of you are prone to using your attractive and irresistible personalities for your own gain, it may be hard to give up old habits for the sake of nurturing your relationship.

Monkeys have a hard time respecting others, but since you are so intelligent she will respect you. You are likely to hold her interest since you represent a challenge. If you decide to make this a long term relationship, you should handle the finances since you are better at it than she. With a little compromise, you can make this work and find long term romance and happiness with each other.

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