Monkey and Pig compatibility horoscope

Monkey and Pig compatibility horoscope
If you are wondering what the Chinese zodiac has to say about your relationship potential, you are not alone. Many people consult their Chinese horoscope signs to predict their compatibility with their lovers, and to see whether they will have a prosperous union or a struggle ahead. If you are a Monkey, you likely have a string of failed relationships behind you and the zodiac can help you find out why.

Monkeys are tricksters. You use your charm and crafty intelligence to win people of both sexes over in a heartbeat. This makes you a fantastic salesman, and you are especially good at selling yourself! You never have trouble finding a woman, but you may have realized that you have trouble keeping them. This is because you have a somewhat short attention span. You love a challenge, but once a woman or job has been won, the challenge fades and you find it hard to put in an effort. As you try less to keep relationships going, you'll find yourself resorting to tricks and charm more and more often to convince your partner to stay, even if you're finding your eye wandering to other women. Eventually women get tired of the tricks and excuses.

When you find someone who truly captures your heart, you will work hard to please her. The secret lays is being very honest with yourself about your feelings. You often feel like this new relationship is "the one" but find quickly that you were wrong. Dig deeper to find your true feelings and your chance at true love will improve.

A Pig is an easy conquest for you. Pigs are na?ve and gullible; willing to trust the world. It is so easy for you to use your charms and cunning to seduce a Pig, and she will fall in love with you quickly. As gullible as Pigs are, however, she will see the way you manipulate others and be offended by your lack of scruples. Pigs would never think to do anything dishonest, as they are the most upright and honest people. You will likely get bored with how easy it is to fool a Pig, and have very little respect for her because of her naivet?.

This relationship is not the best combination, and not likely to last long. You will be confused as to why your Pig needs to be so honest all the time, and she will be horrified at the times when you bend the truth. If you are determined to make it work with a Pig, compromise will be needed on both sides, but you have the fact that Pigs do not hold grudges in your favor. A Pig is likely to forgive you for your small transgressions. Pigs work hard and have tremendous endurance, so a Pig will help you see your projects through until the end. You should welcome this help, because it balances out your short attention span.

The truth is that you are just not all that compatible with a Pig, but consistent compromises on both sides could produce a stable union.

piglovmonkey 2016-03-22 12:36:27
Pig challenges monkey heart win, cause monkey respect pig from worse to worse.
Nothing is worse, others made situation worse for them. Because behindbefore the worse they already made their good campatability goal.
And winners is always go back to home after win. So 2016 is monkey year and this is goodgood best To prove goal achieve <3 pig/monkey compatibility.

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2016-02-24 03:22:03
The monkey and the pig are both fixed signs. And their mentality are positive.

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2016-02-18 22:12:13
Monkey is very cute I like the Cancerian very sweet

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Xyz 2015-05-13 12:16:10
Its really true ...nw planning to seperate wz my husband !!q

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Pig and monkey life 2015-05-02 17:08:03
Very accurate

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Xxx 2015-02-17 16:00:20
Actually what u said was really true.. It happened to me and my husband..

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