Monkey and Ram compatibility horoscope

Monkey and Ram compatibility horoscope
It's helpful to consult the Chinese zodiac when thinking about pursuing a new relationship. Your Chinese horoscope contains detailed information about the personality traits of you and your partner that will show you where you are compatible or incompatible. It also contains valuable advice for how to avoid problems and pitfalls in your relationship.

As a Monkey, you are probably already aware that you are a bit of a trickster. Monkeys love plots, plans, and schemes, and usually have several going on at once. Monkeys are charmers and often pride themselves on being able to seduce and enchant any woman. This comes with its downside; a trail of broken hearts left behind you. Monkey are dreamers and often feel like every crush is "the one" only to lose interest soon after. It's important to search inside yourself to find out if you truly love someone before committing to her, or you are likely to break her heart only months later.

Monkeys are eternal optimists. You always think this scheme is the one that will finally work and make you rich. Even if you don't strike it rich, however, you are likely to be comfortable, because you are intelligent and creative.

Rams are very gentle and keep to themselves. A female Sheep probably strikes you as an oasis of calm, because Sheep do not air their problems. They do not hold grudges, because they do not like to expend unnecessary energy. Sheep don't really like to work hard, but they are fond of luxurious things. Sheep need partners who are willing to push them a bit, because they have no internal discipline, and without additional motivation, they don't really get anything done. Being in a relationship with a Sheep is difficult, because she will keep her feelings to herself and it takes a detailed inquisition to get out what she really feels and needs in a relationship.

Monkeys have very little respect for those they do not consider to be intelligent, and the na?ve passivity of the Sheep may seem stupid to them. You are likely to find yourself continually frustrated with the Sheep's inability or unwillingness to keep up with your clever and crafty schemes. Sheep do not have many goals or aspirations beyond comfort, which might not be enough to keep you interested. Sheep do make wonderful supportive partners if they are given some motivation, but they do make financial demands on their partners that you may not be willing to meet. If you are willing to keep a wife comfortable by your labor and don't mind if she doesn't pitch in so much, then you may have a good relationship with a Sheep.

Since Monkeys are a bit self-centered, you may not be willing to do the work it takes to find out what your Sheep is really feeling. Sheep do need attention, and your Sheep is likely to be upset and hide it from you instead of telling you why. She needs you to pry it out of her, and if you are unwilling, resentment is going to build up. In summary, Monkeys and Sheep are simply not on the same wavelength in a relationship, and this is not one of the more satisfactory unions.

Mark 2014-12-26 11:03:05
I have a monkey friend who dates a ram guy. She really loves him and says he is the one. But I find some things that aren't good: she is extremely active and fun loving, he is a extremely calm person who I feel doesn't enjoy spending too much time with her, they often travel separate and he is always over committing his time with other things that, as I see, will keep himself away from her most of the time, probably because too much time with her tires him. but I do believe he loves her, as they phone each other a lot and care about their relationship. Unfortunately I don't see it as a fulfilling relationship as she tries to show it is, to me, looking from a third persons perspective, it feels kind of a forced happiness.

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hem 2014-11-18 03:11:05
My wife is sheep nd im monkey we hve good reltionship nd our marriage is running sucesss.

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Nonette del rosario 2014-11-03 23:46:23
Yes it's true that goat is mysterious n it makes me irritable.

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Mariesha 2014-08-18 06:32:19
This is not true. I get along perfect with people and my bf of the Ram. I don't give up or get mad lol.
Mybe I like a relaxed fun life. No rush to anything (:

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