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Ram and Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Ram 💝 Ox Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope

Ram and Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Ram and Ox Zodiac Signs.

Ram Years of Birth: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Ox Years of Birth: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

As a Ram, you are very romantic, and you may be wondering if your love is destined to succeed or fail. Is your love written in the stars? Read your Chinese horoscope and find out if people born under your sign are compatible with people born under the sign of the Ox.

Rams are gentle, beautiful, and domestic. They can't stand to see anyone in pain. If you are a Ram, you may have noticed how you truly share both the pain and joy of others. Because of this sympathetic talent, you cannot bear to see another person suffer, and are quite generous with your time and support if someone needs it. You can also be generous with your money and resources, and unfortunately you can be taken advantage of by sophisticated scammers because you are so willing to help.

You are a dreamer who just may have to learn how to work a little harder. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that you dislike work, and enjoy being in a relationship with someone who will provide you with luxuries and comforts in exchange for your love and devotion. You dislike traditional gender roles because you enjoy putting your creativity to work decorating the house, and don't want to be the main breadwinner.

People born under the sign of the Ox are much like their animal namesake; strong, reliable, steady, and stubborn. Although Oxen are slow to make decisions, this does not reflect a lack of intelligence. Rather, Oxen want time to gather all the information and make an informed decision before acting.

Although they sometimes miss out on opportunities because of this, they usually make very wise decisions. Oxen are always willing to lend a hand, but they prefer to stay in their routines. They do not experience emotional ups and downs, and have a hard time sympathizing or understanding people who do.

You will find a relationship with an Ox secure and reassuring, but perhaps a little boring. An Ox is willing to work very hard to provide for her family, and you will enjoy the fruits of her labors. She usually won't mind giving you the money to spend on yourself, but she doesn't really understand romantic gifts and doesn't give them often. You will try to get the Ox to relax and enjoy life sometimes instead of always working away, but Oxen do enjoy working and truly don't mind the effort.

Your Ox may get impatient with you at times. Not being inclined to either art or creativity, she may not always appreciate what you do, and can be critical. You should be willing to pitch in and do some of the "boring" work that households need, and then your Ox will be happier and feel like the relationship is more equal. Try to stick to a schedule and respect her, and the Ox will reward you with loyalty. Oxen are not very intuitive, and you are not inclined to share your feelings, but resentments will build if lines of communication are not open. So you will need to get better at opening up and letting the Ox know what you need out of this relationship. There is no reason to be worried; Oxen are more than willing to accommodate.

Compatibility of Ram Ox couple Ram Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Comments: Ram Ox Compatibility Horoscope

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Ox girl 2017-08-23 02:04:38
We are not selfish. We just don't bend to words and flattery or charm. When the ram can stop wooing with words and gifts and actually put their work behind all the promises they never fulfill maybe we will feel secure enough to trust you guys and gyalsand open up. So much is to be said about what someone actually produces and doesn't over promise! Unfortunately, with their hot temper, moodiness and immaturity, & the very harsh cruel things rams say when life doesn't go their spoiled way, we ox do have to set some standards and trust they will catch on, learn to be respectful and step up.
John 2016-10-21 19:12:52
A sheep probably has to avoid the ox because the ox is always playing emotional blackmail. I really like ox but I am starting to think I am better off with someone else. The emotional support is all but missing in ox: it took a year to really get any attention from ox and even then it doesn't seem like enough. I think I prefer more emotional support even if the ox is completely financially capable. Ox seems to like to pretend being emotionally soft just as some decoy to keep attracting the sheep just to beat and bang the sheep's heart again and again.
Don't know 2016-07-24 01:19:57
To the web owner: I (or anyone) would appreciate if people could comment on these matters with some manners and respect. This just sound so racist. Maybe set a limit or something....
Miracle 2016-06-18 10:38:52
I am an ox deeply in love with my sheep man but I do not know that he loves me as much as I love him. I do know he wants the best for me!
Madison 2016-12-19 11:26:31
Sheep man will reciprocate love,he needs to know if you really love him,you must demo state love ,affection care .
A girl in love with a sheep. 2016-05-19 13:10:29
I don't believe these shits and iam gonna marry with my man sheep and it's gonna work wonders.
Oxen 2016-01-02 23:49:09
It's hard I'm an ox and my husband is a sheep/ram, but we still together for 22 yrs. Patience and prayers , God is my only strength. My husband said , "we're not Chinese when we started dating " LOL!
Ox female nz 2016-04-16 03:02:42
Hay really interested how your marriage has survived, do you have any tips?
Brozzi 2015-12-02 18:22:16
The Ox is to strong ! The selfishness is part of its Desiree to never lose territory..They work much better as Allies or friends but nothing more
Jim 2015-07-13 09:14:06
Ox and ram will never work!!! I have experienced 3 relationships that are all stubborn and I must say ram in the relationship is different in value and thinking. Ram will keep chasing Ox but not equally work together in terms of long term relationships and it does come to an end. You will protect the Ox but Ox does have a shelfishiness not protecting you in action and emotionally. Due times Ox is clever to cover the shelfishness steps by easily catching ram weakness.
Henry 2015-10-26 22:18:03
It happen to me with their selfish mentioned it will indulge many pain over and over.
horoscope 2015-02-16 03:51:51
A goat has to avoid the ox!
sarah 2015-03-25 08:34:34
Why exactly do you think a ram has to avoid the ox
John 2016-11-12 21:35:47
Ox does what ox wants to do and will manipulate and lie. Ram will fight and fight to no avail; The ox seems to want more. The mood shifts in ox leaves the ram upset but the ox seems to give no attention or care in return. Ox is not above taking advantage, I think.

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