Ram and Tiger compatibility horoscope

Ram and Tiger compatibility horoscope
Is love written in the stars? Can your horoscope really tell you how successful you will be in romance? Your Chinese zodiac sign contains a lot of details about your personality, like your needs, strengths, and weaknesses. If you also know your partner's Chinese zodiac sign, it is possible to see how complimentary your talents are, and if you have a good shot at long term happiness.

If you are a Ram, you are a gentle, kind, soul. You wish nothing but good to all the world-however you seem to feel that the world should wish the same to you. You dislike hard work, but you love to be surrounded by luxury and beautiful things. You are lucky that good fortune seems to befall you so that you never have to worry too much about money. Perhaps it is good karma because you are such a kind and compassionate person.

You never hesitate to provide emotional support for anyone you know. You wouldn't wish bad luck to happen to your worst enemy, because you are so sympathetic and kind. Actually, you are so kind that you probably don't have a single enemy. You aren't great at keeping money in your pocket, but you are great at making and keeping friends.

Tigers are incredibly intense. They do everything at full speed. They can be romantic, which pleases you, but their charismatic and magnetic personalities draw many admirers and they sometimes find it hard to devote all of their energies to one person. Tigers create and are drawn to drama-it seems to find them wherever they go. If you see a person passionately defending what others consider a lost cause, that person just might be a Tiger.

Although Tigers are sexually charged and pretty much irresistible, they do not make the best mate for you. They are simply too intense for the lifestyle you crave. Tigers are not usually happy to spend night after night inside cuddling. They need more passion and adventure than that. In relationships, Tigers often crave confrontation as an emotional release, and that doesn't suit you at all.

Although Tigers will defend you and fight the battles you can't handle yourself, a Tiger is also likely to become impatient with your reluctance to pitch in and work hard on the relationship. She will criticize you sharply, but you don't always respond well to that kind of motivation and may be left feeling affronted and abused. You may be able to get a Tiger to slow down very occasionally, but it's likely that the two of you are just too different to make this work in the long term.

Tigers are also pursuing goals, and you don't have many. You like to be happy and well taken care of, and you have a need to pursue your artistic and creative goals. This may all seem like rather a waste of time to a Tiger. She would need to put a huge effort into understanding your point of view in order for this relationship to go anywhere.

Big Ram 2017-07-05 11:26:24
The tiger is a dangerous animal that would not hesitate to kill! The sheep or goat is a calm and beautiful animal. It can also make one rich through its fleece.

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Juliette 2017-05-27 08:48:36
I am a female aquarius tiger dating a male cancer ram. I think we are not gonna make it based on many things mentioned above as well as our sun signs.
We really liked each other and had many important characteris in common but at the end, i am too blunt and detached and he is very emotional and kind of narcissistic. I think we both will be happier finding different partners. It was never right from the very beginning.

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SexyTiger 2016-06-14 16:58:43
Most of them true
I'm Tiger female had 4yrs relationship with Sheep male
I was like leader of relationship
I wanted to settle down but he didn't want to(slow)
The way I motivate him he took as abusive
I was drama queen he was so peace,cool & calmn
At end didn't work,

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Female fire tiger 2016-05-18 12:44:08
Reading this, it makes so much sense. I've had some opportunities with male rams, but they always seem hesitant or just slow... and to too it off, I think as much as they had an interest for me, I probably scared them too. Lol

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John 2015-08-19 07:05:21
I'm a Ram and I don't really relate to this. I love working hard, and I have lots of goals. I have a girlfriend who's a tiger and she also supports my creative endeavors. Maybe some tips, here, but it seems a limited perspective.

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SeaDancer 2015-03-05 03:39:26
Very well written, thank you!

I am an Ox/Tiger Cusp, but from reading this I learned that if I were to be with a Ram male, my inner tiger would eat that guy alive!

Thank you for the insight.


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