Tiger and Tiger compatibility horoscope

Tiger and Tiger compatibility horoscope
The Chinese zodiac uses animals to represent different personality types, and this has helped many people understand themselves better over the centuries. When you are looking for love, there is a lot more to consider than physical chemistry. Many people do not understand why their relationships have failed, but discovering more about yourself, and about your strengths, weaknesses, and talents, will help you understand what you really need to make a relationship last, and not just what you want. Your Chinese horoscope has a lot of information about your compatibility with people born under other signs.

People born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger are intense, magnetic, and irresistible. The Tiger just seems to carry power within. When a Tiger walks into the room, head turn, and everyone notices him or her. It is impossible not to. Saying no to a Tiger is unthinkable, because it is obvious that there is a fire simmering below the surface. No one wants to find out what happens if that fire erupts!

Being with a Tiger can feel like being with a whirlwind. Tigers are impulsive, and jump right in with every fiber of their beings. They are amazing at motivating other people, because they live their lives with such conviction, and are eloquent speakers in defence of a pet cause. Tigers are rebels, and you often see them championing the less popular causes, or boiling with outrage because of some slight that most people ignore. Tigers ignite change and controversy everywhere they go, and even people who hate them still admire their intensity.

Tigers have very sensitive egos, and being insulted will wound them deeply, even if they are too proud (and they usually are) to show it. Tigers think with their hearts at the best of times, and when they are hurt in this way logic basically leaves them. They need to retire to lick their wounds, and they expect complete support from their romantic partners. This is not the time to point out that the Tiger started it, or that he or she might be wrong!

Two Tigers will have a most exciting and consuming time in a relationship. This union is likely to be fiery and explosive, with a lot of physical chemistry. They may become exhausted from all the activities they will be piling on each other's plates. Although the romance will be extreme, so will the fights. If two Tigers are battling it out, you will likely hear it all the way across town! This relationship may have a short shelf life simply because it is too exhausting!

Tigers need a lot of space to do their own thing, primarily because they don't take advice well. If this is to work, both of you will need to give a lot of space to each other, and do not pressure each other. Tigers are big spenders, and it will be difficult to follow a budget. A Tiger-Tiger couple is advised to hire a financial specialist to help with the finances!

Lisa 2014-09-09 13:24:34
It's not impossible for a dog and a tiger, but the tiger would much more prefer someone that has some relationship to him or her, like the cat/rabbit. Cats are the yin to the Tiger yang and has relationship with the bigger cat, which makes it more comfortable for them. That's my two cents.

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Lisa 2014-09-09 07:27:04
I like to add my two cents on this. Out of all the zodiac signs, the only animal that the tigers can be with is the cat/rabbit. Cats are part of the feline family and they are the yin to the Tiger yang for harmony and balance. Tigers don't compete or attack them like horses, pigs, tigers, or dogs. Just my opinion. Look at Victoria Beckinham and David Beckinham, a complete balance harmonious marriage of a tiger,1974 and a cat,1975. Their first marriage and they are still going strong.

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Hello 2014-09-08 08:21:29
I agree that two tigers of whatever months they are born in are not good compatibility because they do not balance out with the yin/yang. Just look at an example Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimiggio. They both got divorced and one died, Marilyn Monroe. Angelina Jolie's parents were both tigers and they two got divorce. two tigers bad idea. Not good for either one.

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