Tiger and Horse compatibility horoscope

Tiger and Horse compatibility horoscope
Love can be a tricky thing. There are so many different factors that go into a successful relationship. Knowing about yourself is an important step. Your Chinese zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself, and if you know your love interest's sign as well, your Chinese horoscope can let you know how compatible the two of you are.

If you were born under the sign of the Tiger, you have no problem catching the eye of others. Just as you would keep a wary eye on a tiger if one walked into a room, so do others sense the intensity and power you try to keep just below the surface. Intense is really the only appropriate word to describe you; you are passionate in love and in war, and you thrive on controversy. You have a raw animal magnetism that others are usually powerless to resist, and you command both attention and obedience from others without even trying.

You are rebellious by nature and don't really listen to anyone. You are a lover of causes that others consider impossible, and you are always willing to stand up for the underdog. Tigers are sensitive to criticism and don't take insults well. Even if your pride keeps you from showing it, you will need some support from loved ones to help you recover your self confidence. You need to know that your partner is on your side, and will not try to point out your flaws when you are feeling wounded.

People born under the sign of the Horses are quite like horses-ready for a gallop anytime! They throw themselves headlong into whatever the wind brings their way. Horses have a lot of stamina, but they often don't have the interest to finish what they start. Horses have short attention spans and tend to switch gears when something new catches their fancy. Horses are not good with details and have a hard time sticking to a schedule or plan of any kind.

Horses, like Tigers, are led by their emotions. If the two of you fall in love, it's like to be a romantic, intense whirlwind at first. Horses unfortunately have a short attention span in love as well as in other things, and they have a tendency to fall out of love quickly or even cheat on their partners. Since you are incredibly jealous, your affair may not end well. If a Horse is very committed to you, however, you will have a lot of fun together, and you will never be lacking in chemistry.

A Horse is sensitive enough to know when you need some extra support, and send it your way. The two of you may find yourselves competing for the spotlight however, and it is wise to keep separate groups of friends so that you each get the center of attention you crave.

Since you are so passionate and interesting, you have a great chance of keeping a Horse's interest and fidelity, which means that this is a good combination.

Need Help 2018-01-02 15:44:57
So, I'm a female Horse but I'm attracted to a male Tiger. He's tall, handsome, stylish, and kind. How do I get him to notice me? I'm usually shy and I always see him joking around with friends. Every time I see him, I feel like I can't stop looking at him. I wondered if we would work out at all if we were together and this zodiac is saying we would match wonderfully. I was so happy, of course. Tigers, any advice for me? How would you like someone to approach you/confess?

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Ratchick 2017-12-12 23:03:50
My father is a tiger and my mum is a horse. As far as I remember they are constantly fighting because of my father's flings over and over with different women. At the end my father has left my mum for his true loves, a dog woman. My mum couldn't get over it and still in loves with my dad. So sad but that's life

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Ace 2017-03-28 10:16:22
I Still prefer pig partner opposite of mine they are charismatic, sweet, hate conflicts, and understanding type of women

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Julia 2016-06-27 15:11:03
Tiger woman Horse man.... the most exciting amazing painful heartbreaking relationship I have ever endured. It has been six months and the pain still hasn't gone away and every single day I miss him.

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Karen Allred 2017-02-26 01:58:43
I am with you 100! That horse was not very smart and in the end, him being greedy and unfaithful lead to this passing. I do have to say that life is easier and a big weight was lifted off my shoulders.

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dee 2016-03-21 10:46:39
I'm a female horse and I've been dating a male tiger for 6 months now. I was drawn him instantly and really attracted to him and his personality. He didn't expect to fall in love with me either as we began as a casual relationship. He's tall, muscular, sexy, funny, and sweet like a teddy and strong like a bodyguard. Our relationship is non toxic, and its way less stress than.my previous long term relationships. It's refreshing to finally not be dating an insecure, jealous, controlling prick.

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anonymous pig 2016-02-08 14:25:59
this combination must be more burning than fire althouhg very funny and different,of course if they don`t fight since both of them are explosive

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Tiger 2015-08-28 04:50:00
I am libra tiger. Ive been dating libra male horse 5 months. It has been fun, challenging and inspirational. I cant imagine life a diffetent way. Now he needs to decide our future together? Being tiger I cant decide on emotional uproar or patience.

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Adil 2015-02-04 00:47:08
One of the best. I still liked dragon little more because they are more unpredictable. Horse have too much energy and that is not something to complain about but occasionally I liked to take break.

Infidelity doesn't matter to tigers. At least I had enough instinct to know her (and dragon her) interests. I take it as a challege to show her interest is futile compared to what she has got beside her  :)

Tigers only hate well planned cheating or when there is unfairness and they cannot do anything about it. Like many say they don't like it when they are not boss. That is not true. They only hate stupid bosses. Like I hate Tim cook for firing Scott forstall (it was unfair and stupid decision) but liked Steve jobs because he always did justice.

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mare 2016-09-05 08:01:51
Tigers like a challenge and the horse is challenging. Jobs was great but manufactured in China...not great.

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tigress 2016-05-27 04:27:34
Tigers hate cheating and are jealous and suspicious. If you cheat on a tiger be prepared to move out of the country.

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renato umali 2014-12-27 07:12:59
that is very true.amazing wowwwwwww

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