Tiger and Monkey compatibility horoscope

Tiger and Monkey compatibility horoscope
If you wonder why you have trouble in relationships, the Chinese horoscope may be able to shed some light. The Chinese zodiac sign that represents the year of your birth holds a lot of information about your personality and your strengths and weaknesses in relationships. This can help you avoid problems and find long term love.

If you are a Tiger, you have a very intense personality. You have ups and downs, with emotional highs and lows that would make other people dizzy. What is very admirable about you is that no matter what you're doing, you do it all the way. Whatever you set your sights on, you achieve. Whether it's fame, money, or a first place trophy, you will get it if you want it. You simply do not know moderation. When you're happy, you're ecstatic. When you're angry, others can feel the heat from a mile away. When you feel like something just isn't right, you're the first protester to show up and the last to leave. You bounce back from every setback and never give up. Your lows may take you low, but they never finish you off.

You have a sensitive ego, and you don't like it at all if people make fun of you or don't take you seriously. You need an honest, loyal partner who will make you feel like the special person you are and not try to bring you down for fun.

Monkeys are tricksters who can't resist jokes and fun. They are very intelligent and quick witted, so their barbs can hurt. Also, they can be quite manipulative, and don't mind lying to get what they want. They treat deception like a game, and it's a game they are very good at. Monkeys have a short attention span, and hop from project to project as well as lover to lover. You do not appreciate a Monkey's tricks and insults, and you simply need more loyalty from a partner than she can normally provide.

A Monkey will respect your intelligence, but that won't stop her from poking fun at you. Monkeys feel as though it is their responsibility to help you stop taking yourself so seriously, but you aren't at all interested in this kind of help.

The two of you are quite different. You earn admirers simply by going about your business-everything you do is full of power and magnetism. Monkeys scheme and plot to charm and seduce. You may find yourself falling for a Monkey -she will be very good at making herself indispensable to you-but once the romance has faded, you will be left with her tricks and manipulations, and you won't feel very loving at all.

If you are set on having a relationship with a Monkey, you need to lay down ground rules right away. She needs to know what hurts you and what is acceptable teasing, and you need to make it perfectly clear that she is expected to stay faithful to you. You will need to compromise and lighten up a little. The two of you are capable of having quite a bit of fun together, but without great effort you will get on each other's nerves too much.

wolfspider 2016-10-23 23:51:24
I'm a Cancer Tiger and I've struggled with relationships all my life, not good to blame it all on one astrological sign.

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Monkey 2016-10-20 09:39:50
As a romantic relationship, this is not destined to last. I'm a Monkey female and I've been told by more than one Tiger men that they feel intimidated by me and my same-age peers. Tigers are smart, but not like the Monkey. The Monkey has new situations sized up in minutes. Tigers go where the applause is. They also sulk when they don't get their way. Monkey finds that pathetic. Better off as friends. Magnetic attraction though.

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Gigi113 2016-04-26 14:37:43
F*** the description about the monkeys - I'm a tigerwoman and the monkeys I have met are loving, caring and very loyal - horoscopes are anyway deceptions - we all know that :-/

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Libra monkey 2016-04-12 10:42:28
I am not mean. I hate injustice. I don't like to tease people. I also want only one man. I want to find my twin flame. Not run around and joke. Monkeys get a bad rap.

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Libra tiger 2017-05-01 20:58:47
And this is why Libras rule, Lol... May you find your twin, friend

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megan 2016-01-31 22:06:16
I love my man so much because he is just like me. We are both fun loving and energetic.

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2016-01-24 14:47:56
Someone had a bad relationship with a monkey huh SERIOUSLY does anyone notice that this is only talking to a tiger!?!?!?! I am a monkey and I was VERY insulted!!!! I have never tried to subdue someone like they were a project!

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Vicky 2015-07-31 08:20:23
Am a female monkey and I do not feel this fits the bill at all. I belive in honesty and been straight to the point . In fact I have had issues with people I dated that am to blunt and honest.

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Pisces 2015-06-15 08:03:32
I'm a female monkey and this doesn't describe me at all! I believe in honesty over deception always, loyalty, caring and respect. Perhaps not everyone fits the mould.

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Tracey 2015-09-04 12:46:42
I'm a Pisces Girl too, and I couldn't agree more, I am a Monkey (earth) and my boyfriend of 6 months is a Tiger (wood), so not only is there dread around the Monkey Tiger thing there is also apparently a mismatch of elements. In actual fact, our relationship got off to a rocky start if I'm honest, however now, at this stage, we've found a hugely harmonious connection. We compliment each other amazingly, he can be terse and rare up in seconds over silly frustrations, and I sit back and observe this with bemusement and indifference knowing as quickly as this flare happens it will dissipate. And...when it does I sooth the atmosphere with charm and humour. We have enormous fun together, he is it is fair to say more dynamic than I am, however we both have high energy levels and I adore his company.
Sexually, mucho mucho amore and passion also, maybe there are other factors involved here, perhaps astrologically (Pisces/Capricorn respectively) however for this little mercurial Monkey lady, I adore my Tiger man Grrrrrr  :)

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Adil 2015-02-04 01:13:20
Shortest lived. I just couldn't accept her admiration for position. She is likely to respect someone making money through cartel (like a banking cartel) whereas I see cartel as big issue to rebel against. Esp banking cartel. They are likely to accept current orders whereas I see gross control over current political system and thus it didn't last long.
It is like reading veteranstoday vs nytimes lies. Zero match except for cross references.

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Andraste 2014-08-24 09:20:08
My father was a monkey, we couldn't't be in the same room with other! By the way, I'm a tiger gal!

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