Ram and Horse compatibility horoscope

Ram and Horse compatibility horoscope
If you were born under the sign of the Ram, you are a sensitive, romantic individual. It is only natural that you would consult the stars and the Chinese horoscope for relationship advice. You can learn a lot about your personality from your Chinese zodiac sign.

Rams are gentle souls. You do not have a driving ambition to be a huge success in business or have a lot of money. You are driven by a love of art, beauty, and nature, and you prefer to play a supporting role in a relationship. You are misunderstood by many because you would rather be performing domestic tasks like preparing beautiful meals, decorating a house perfectly, or putting together a wonderful and functional garden than working at a high profile job.

You need a lot of love, support and affection from a partner. Stability is a must in your life. You require certainty and a cozy home to retire to. You need a faithful, intuitive partner who will sense when something is wrong, because you rarely communicate your feelings and need another to get them out of you. You are a true romantic and appreciate romantic gifts and gestures.

Horses are restless, and don't make ideal companions for domestic people such as yourself. They constantly seek out new stimulation; parties, games, and people. Horses sometimes have a hard time committing to one mate. Although very romantic at the start of a relationship, Horses are led by their emotions, and their emotions are flighty and ever changing.

Beware the Horse, because she will woo you with intense romance and passion, and you are likely to fall for her strongly. At first it will seem as though your calm mind is a pleasurable rest for the Horse, who is always caught up in a whirlwind of activity, but in truth it is her preference to live that way and she will move on.

Horses tend to be self absorbed. She will make sure that she is always the center of attention, which you don't mind. The problem is, you don't share your feelings and she won't think to ask. Your resentment will grow as you realize that she doesn't care enough to question you and discover what you are really feeling. You enjoy the attention that comes your way when others must pry to find out what you're feeling , and the Horse is unlikely to do that.

If you do decide to try for a relationship with a Horse, it is she who ought to handle the money. You are quite prone to over spending on things that aren't necessary, whereas Horses are quite good with money. A Horse may teach you quite a bit about keeping a budget, if you're willing to listen.

If a Horse truly loves you, and she is willing to stay faithful and give up some of her parties for quiet nights at home with you, there is a chance that this union could work. You will need to put a little effort in, as well, and not just expect the Horse to do all the compromising.

Eve 2017-11-25 06:41:07
I agree with the description.I am a mature horse.I calmed down a bit yet emotions still lead my life.Restless,selfadsorbed,loving,leaving,spiritual ,fun free spirit with the commitment phobia.My guy goat is loving,clingy,whiny and needy.

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David 2017-02-07 12:25:10
I must admit I am a bit shocked how accurate this is. I have been married to a horse for over 35 years, but miserable most of the time. At last I know why. Wish I had seen this 36 years ago.

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lisa marie 2015-10-20 00:42:15
I have to say yup pretty much spot on.myself I'm a faithful horse!!

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Mike 2015-08-06 03:13:38
I would say this is spot on for a goat man /horse female

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Tommo 2015-04-25 05:46:05
Absolutely spot on

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heidi 2014-09-08 15:40:02
a whole lot of cr*p and completely off the mark

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Susan 2015-01-22 00:40:24
I totally agree. This is way off the mark. Horse is spiritual and sensitive on the inside. Sheep complements this for an incredible and lasting union. Only issue is both need lots of attention from their partner - sometimes at the same time, this can create temporary conflict in the moment if they do not learn to take turns giving AND receiving.

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Stev 2016-11-06 10:59:20
Couldn't agree more for this.. My boyfriend and I do need lots of attention and sometimes at the same time so we ended up complaining about each other and the worse was me, the ram woman tends to be quiet and keep it for myself and sometimes I blow up too Lol.

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