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Pig and Monkey Compatibility Horoscope

Pig 💝 Monkey Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope

Pig and Monkey Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Pig and Monkey Zodiac Signs.

Pig Years of Birth: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Monkey Years of Birth: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028

If you have trouble finding love, you might want to consult your Chinese horoscope. Your Chinese zodiac sign can tell you a lot about your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, and your partner's as well. This can help you make good relationship decisions and avoid potential problems.

As a Pig, you are upright and honest. You would never think to tell a lie, and you would never deceive anyone in any way; in words or in actions. This honesty makes you somewhat gullible; since you never deceive others, you are not on the lookout for deception.

You have impressive stamina and endurance and always finish the projects you start. You are quite devoted to friends and family, and you are not afraid to work hard once you have started something. Friends and family may find you a bit slow, because you prefer to think things out thoroughly and carefully before committing to them. You are very intelligent, but hate to make snap decisions about anything. Because of this, you will sometimes miss out on opportunities that required quick thought and action.

You love luxury. Although you don't mind hard work, you believe that you deserve to be surrounded by fine things in reward for all of your efforts. You like a partner who is hardworking enough to give you a secure lifestyle.

Monkeys are pranksters. They use their charming ways and swift intelligence to wind anyone around their little fingers! You will find a monkey cute and seductive, no matter what she looks like, but Monkeys are prone to using people and being selfish with their love. A Monkey usually has a string of failed relationships behind her, unaware that it is mostly her fault.

When a Monkey is finally ready to commit, she gives her heart completely. She will be devoted and faithful to her true love, even though it is hard for her to commit to just one person. Monkeys may find you to be an easy conquest due to your gullibility, but if your love is true a Monkey will not take advantage of you.

You may admire a Monkey's cleverness and social intelligence. You have a social side to you that your Monkey will indulge. Monkeys do crave the spotlight, and you are usually content in a supporting role, so this is a compatible area for you.

In all likelihood you will be offended, if not disgusted, by the Monkey's disregard for the truth. Her tricks, misdirections, and outright lies will not sit well with your refined sense of honesty and honor. As a Pig, you do not hold grudges, and so you are inclined to forgive transgressions again and again, but you may find yourself doing a lot of forgiving in a relationship with a Monkey.

The truth is that this is simply not the best combination, and initial attraction is likely to give way to a lot of contention. A lot of compromise will be needed from both of you to make this marriage last.

Compatibility of Pig Monkey couple Pig Monkey Compatibility Horoscope

Comments: Pig Monkey Compatibility Horoscope

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monkey in love with pig 2017-10-15 14:01:29
I am a Sagittarius, metal monkey female in love with Aries, wood pig male. I am a carefree and confident person as stated in all horoscopes. However I feel my pig lover has almost the same character as me excepts he always gets angry and would pick a fight whereas possible even though he describes himself as being calm and cheerful. Not sure if we are compatible but we're attracted to each other so much.
Sag Pig 2017-11-09 05:48:19
I would not get involved with an Aries...
Water Pig 2017-01-27 05:51:20
I am a Virgo Water Pig, my husband is a Libra Gold Monkey!We don't work in any zodiac at least not on paper and I will admit it was a pretty rocky start. We have been through just about anything and everything that should have torn us apart but it didn't. It made us stronger and we grew together. We have been together for 15 years. I have been with him since I was 18, I married him after 7 years of dating. We are truly happy. It takes a lot of work to maintain any relationship but if you both work hard to make it work because it is what you both want then it will work.
Anon monkey 2016-11-02 16:53:16
I am an Aquarius water monkey currently with a sagittarius metal pig. I don't love him. It's so bad. I'm not even sure he loves me. He seems stable and safe. More than likely won't cheat. Neither will I but I think I am just lacking love. I don't even need passion, just that feeling of love for the guy. I don't know what I can do to develop the love I need for him. Any tips?
Water Monkey 2016-11-02 00:22:27
I am a Taurus water monkey and I dated a Scorpio water pig who was 9 years older than me on and off for 2 years. It didn't end well...

He was a pathological liar, cheater, and took advantage of everyone he ever crossed paths with. (especially women) He never trusted anyone and especially not me.

I am a very faithful person if shown proper handling and truthful love. When I wasn't shown those qualities I did become more deceptive. Mainly because I didn't care anymore about such a failed relationship. I was way too hyper for him and I often did feel bored by his lifestyle. However, I guess when things were good I was incredibly happy.

I will praise him for being intelligent, a hardworker and quite cunning himself. He sure fooled me good!

All in all, even though the whole thing was kind of stupid and ended poorly I don't hate him. I still even carry a small torch for that sneaky son of a witch.
O.o 2017-02-28 21:49:58
you guys are crazy. i knew it wouldn't even work fine either.
lynn 2016-03-08 16:13:05
OMG... I am a fire monkey interested in a fire pig. I would never/ have never lied or taken advantage of any man. Also in the past I dated another pig and he was a pathological liar...so so much for these signs and the truth in them. Maybe my being born under the sign of Cancer makes me a better monkey . I dont know but way off on a lot of this... Just not so. Thanks
Aymsikal 2016-09-23 17:58:50
I am a Pisces monkey. My husband is a Sagittarius pig. We're going on 9 years of marriage. Just because we don't fit the cookie cutter definitions of the zodiac, doesn't mean we're not compatible. Every relationship is unique!
anonymous pig 2016-02-08 14:07:08
well i`ve read many websites about pig?€”monkey compatibility,those sites i read in english tell they are opposites and maybe since monkey is snake`s twin soul,however i read characteristics of both signs and are very compatible,websites y read in spanish tell they are compatible and on my opinion their descriptions were more accurate
Iron Boar 2014-11-06 21:16:01
I am a pig person, married to a monkey wife. Been with her since 1996. Can't take her lying any more.
Amren 2015-12-07 04:56:10
Message from Iron Boar
I am a pig person, married to a monkey wife. Been with her since 1996. Can't take her lying any more.

r u on facebook. I m a monkey woman seeing a pig man
Metal Pig 2015-04-04 16:33:48
As far as being 'content in a supporting role' goes, it's more usually a case of looking away, embarrassed, while they ride rough-shod over all manner of social mores, laugh loudly at their own bawdry jokes, and shamelessly drag you into their self-created vortex of unchecked, unceasing toe-curling outbursts. Unrefined and unrepentant is no fun to be with.
Metal Pig 2015-04-04 16:11:21
I know how you feel. Been there done that; bought the monkey T-shirt. Never again.
Chesedj 2014-09-28 06:48:00
Earth monkey husband and metal pig me have been together harmoniously for 20yrs without regret. 5 children & counselor for husbands, we are extremely compatible

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