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Pig 💝 Snake Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope

Pig and Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Pig and Snake Zodiac Signs.

Pig Years of Birth: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Snake Years of Birth: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Everyone wants to avoid heartbreak and find success in love. It's easier to understand yourself and your relationships with other people if you consult the Chinese zodiac for advice. Your Chinese horoscope sign will reveal to you a lot about your true character and how you will get along with people born under other signs of the zodiac.

If you were born under the sign of the Pig, you are definitely a romantic. You appreciate gestures like thoughtful gifts, even if they weren't expensive. Of course, you don't complain if you receive an expensive gift! You are quite fond of luxuries and personal comforts, and like to pursue idle pleasure. You can often be found at parties socializing with your many friends.

Although you love leisure, you are no stranger to hard work. Once you take on a task, you like to work steadily to the finish. You don't make commitments lightly, and prefer to weigh all possible consequences before making a decision. You sometimes miss out on great adventures because you think for too long, but seldom do you make foolish choices.

Pigs are as honest as the day is long. You would never tell a lie, and deception is just not part of your makeup. Since you are so honest yourself, you are vulnerable to being scammed or taken advantage of by those who are not so honest.

You really need a partner who will look out for you in these situations, and who will not betray or deceive you.

A Snake is really not the best partner for you. Although she is cool, collected, and very alluring, you will never know if she is really interested or attempting to deceive you. Snakes are not averse to playing dirty to get what they want, and will take advantage whomever they can if it means they can get ahead.

Although you may at first be impressed by a Snake's drive to get what she wants, you will likely be disappointed when you realize how she keeps her true feelings hidden, even from you. Snakes are ambitious, and love is usually not the first priority, even though they are passionate lovers. Her ability to use deception for her own gain will bother you.

Snakes are great with money, so if you do try a relationship with one, let her handle the finances. She will make sure there is enough money for you to have the little extras you like so much. She is very smart and will get invited to all the right parties, which is a boon for you since you love to socialize.

Like you, Snakes admire the finer things in life. A Snake will carefully save up for as long as it takes to afford the real thing, rather than settling for a cheap imitation.

You do have enough in common with a Snake to try a relationship, but it is likely to be strained by her jealousy and your dislike of her use of deception to get what she wants. You can't really tame a Snake.

Compatibility of Pig Snake couple Pig Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Comments: Pig Snake Compatibility Horoscope

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Chase 2021-05-23 03:01:19
Yeah, I agree with almost everyone in this comment section. Sure Snakes are far from perfect, but pigs are just... something else.

There's a reason why the Pig's western Coutnerpart is the Scorpio. Maybe over in the other eastern countries they may not be so bad, but over here in America.... hot damn are they something else. They act like these morally superior people who fight for the children and people, when in reality though they're only doing it just to boost their own spoiled ego they never deserved. Made even worse as they're often not even good at that said task at hand either. They're the literal embodiment of the typical lazy, self-entitled hippie who no one loves. Constantly advocating the higher ups to enforce these laws that only benefit them and no one else, using their innocent and morally superior facade to fool their Rabbit/Pieces and Goat/Cancer buds into caring for them and giving them stuff they never earned. Tearing down more attractive/successful looking individuals out of pure spite and envy. All the while acting like they're the victims, that they're the ones who are being "0pPrESseD". And if you even DARE to call them out on their scummy behavior, then prepare to awaken the wrath of cancel culture.

Again, Snakes are also not above manipulation and "cutting the rope". But at least they're honest about it. Or at least they don't portray themselves as these "morally superior individuals who can do no wrong".

God, I hate this country and all the Pigs/Scorpio that live in it....
Whoever 2021-05-22 23:48:57
To all the snakes in this comment section talking about their abusive pig friends, I agree with everything that you guys said. Everything in this damm article is B.S. There's a reason why the Pig's Western Coutnerpart is the Scorpio. Maybe over in china and other eastern countries, they're probably pleasant people. But over here in the west (specifically America), they're nothing more than the Scorpions that their wester zodiac represents them as. Acting like they're these morally superior gods who are fighting for the children and people, when in reality though they're nothing more than spoiled entitled losers who want to boost their own ego that they don't even deserve, and use their morally superior facade to manipulate their rabbit/pieces and goat/cancer fellows into trusting them so they can mooch off of them. And if you even dare to call them out on their behavior, the get ready to be cancelled.

Dogs (or their western counterpart: libras) also tend to act like this. Granted, they don't neccesarily use their facade to manipulate anyone, and their behavior is born more out of simply being misguided/fighting the wrong battle other than actually being a piece of shit like the pigs. But it's still enough to cause inconvenience.

Sure, Snakes also manipulate and mooch off of others. But unlike pigs, at least they don't act like these "Morally High" people. I.E. at least they're honest about their scummy personalities.

I'm telling ya, the Pigs over at America are nothing but shit. Maybe over in other countries like Japan or China they may be pleasant people, but over here in America? ........no...
Fire Snake Woman Here 2018-07-17 17:52:12
Yeah so this article is so backwards. I'm a fire snake aquarius who has been involved with a water pig aries for almost 5 years now and I can say that it's been nothing but hell. They are NOT romantic by any means. They are self centered to the point of narcissism. They compulsively lie. I never once cheated but, he cheated many times, not sexually, but emotionally because he likes attention and everyone to feel sorry for him even though he's the destroyer of lives. Everything he touches gets destroyed. He wouldn't keep a job longer than 3 months max. Was completely lazy with everything in life, even his own children. He lied, manipulated, etc. but would never take responsibility for his own crap. I was very loyal, very honest, never tried to seek revenge on his cheating ways. Always forgave him. Dealt with so much from this piece of crap. But yet, there's some strange connection that doesn't seem to leave. Nevertheless I had to just cut all communications with him because he shattered my heart with all of his betrayals in every way possible. This article makes us snakes out to be vicious. No, we are not. But if you do us dirty without rectifying the situation some how or putting in the proper efforts to change and you continue to do the same thing then YES resentments build and we will end up hating the fact that you breathe. That doesn't make us monsters. That makes us human and tired of taking crap. I think this has to do with the maturity level of the snakes and pigs because I'm sure there are very good pigs out there and very good snakes out there the same as I'm sure there are terrible snakes and terrible pigs out there. In western astrology it says that aries and aquarius are supposed to be wonderful together. Not so. I cannot stand fire signs. I love pisces, capricorns and virgos though. I will never get involved with another fire sign in my life. Just no.
WarioMann 2021-05-02 01:52:11
Why doesn't this have more likes.

There's a reason why Scorpio is often considered the western counterpart to the Pig. Becuase Pigs can be just as vicious as Scorpios or (as to this article) Snakes.

Snakes themselves can be pretty vicious as well. But unlike pigs, at least they're honest about it.
Maurice. 2018-04-15 00:29:37
I have to agree with alot of these snake ladies. My brother is a snake his wife is too. I am a virgo pig and i habe three bosses that are snakes and a current crush that is a snake also. What i have learned about these charming people is as long as you dont hide your true self from them due to intimidation which i will admit the stare from a snake is quite soul penetrating and thats because they are trying to understand thy piggie and when we feel threatened we close down; thats when they start not trusting and re-evaluating their beliefes About you. Be up front and honeat; stand up for yourself let them know they cannot walk all over you and treat them with respect and keep the feelers to a bare minimum and they will respect you.
Christina 2018-02-20 13:37:25
Snakes are definitely missunderstood, they are calculating and work slow and want to make sure they will not be at loss after any serious decision making,that doesn’t mean they have to hurt people in what they decide. They may use some to their benifits but now to destroy them. I’m Earth snake woman Capricorn with Scorpio ascendant,my boyfriend was water boar,Libra. Leo ascendant. He was very independent but did talk about me behind my back to his friends, he never cheated on me though. Our relationship was very hard so I often wondered if this match really was the worst. But how can you love someone so much if you’re not meant to be?
Bunhun2 2017-10-14 19:57:02
He he,

Snork snork...

Hello dear piggies. You never came in my life for some reason, till now!I have to say i really like your romance. From men piggies. Im a snake. I have to say that thet snake isnt potrait very well. That goddamn damsel.. but anyway keep going on being sweet. And we are honest we don't belong like in the same line like the rabbit.. and even she/he can ben ho...ne...st... so anyway i wish we arent enemies, cause i like you to much.
Torris 2017-06-27 08:52:36
As a snake dating a pig, none of this completely matches. People forget ascendant and elements signs. We mostlty matched but this one would got involved in mud soo much I could not be with mud soo much. Center of attention but would secretly fault find to turn others against you. It didn't work. Snakes are crafty. I'm not judging you, I realize I have my own flaws. However when I stated facts from the 'horses mouth' and actions I'm called judgemental. It gets to a point were a snake gets tired of being misunderstood and will never explain their actions. Hence seen as a villain. There is a reason for my every move, but by no means am I out to hurt someone. Nowadays I'm like "if you don't like me, I will respect you a lot more if you figure you don't like me without searching for a reason and oinking behind my back. I have plenty of pig friends but we are smart enough to know there are some levels you don't cross, and respect eachother
Keith 2017-03-29 10:38:07
I won't believed at this my mum and dad are snake and pig but they married for 30 years all i can say all you need to do is to give and take to each other this will work
angela 2017-08-10 21:37:36
Message from Keith
I won't believed at this my mum and dad are snake and pig but they married for 30 years all i can say all you need to do is to give and take to each other this will work

Keith that is good to know because I am a snake and my husband is a boar(pig) and it is very challenging at times.

yuna 2017-02-19 11:39:49
I'm an ariesfemale snake and meet a taurusman pig.... how it goes?
Jess 2016-04-10 14:25:55
I am a Leo/Snake and I find this very offensive. Portraying snakes like the villains and pigs like the heroes. My fianc is Pisces/Pig and he is no angel. And I am a Leo/Snake and so not a villain. I never deceive anyone, I don't take advantage of anyone and I don't play dirty ever. I also suck at finances. So...total offensive bullshit!
mhmm 2017-05-16 15:11:43
Message from Jess
I am a Leo/Snake and I find this very offensive. Portraying snakes like the villains and pigs like the heroes. My fianc is Pisces/Pig and he is no angel. And I am a Leo/Snake and so not a villain. I never deceive anyone, I don't take advantage of anyone and I don't play dirty ever. I also suck at finances. So...total offensive bullshit!

Im an Aries/pig. I dont think people portray pig as heroes,but weak,needy,dependent and underrated.Tbh, i also think Snakes are so overrated.Theyre not that hard to figure out in real life.

Most of the thing they write about pig dont really suits me. Im def not a romantic or always honest. i do tell lies at time...who doesnt?However, some of the things that was written on here about pig and snakes fit (judging from my experience with pigs and snake people). I dont say that all snakes are like that, but from my experience, i do find them very sneaky, manipulative,backstabbers,vindtictive,jealouswannbe s, sore losers and bad liars. I know cause ive dated one of them.
Virgie 2016-08-13 11:55:08
Message from Jess
I am a Leo/Snake and I find this very offensive. Portraying snakes like the villains and pigs like the heroes. My fianc is Pisces/Pig and he is no angel. And I am a Leo/Snake and so not a villain. I never deceive anyone, I don't take advantage of anyone and I don't play dirty ever. I also suck at finances. So...total offensive bullshit!

Maybe ur lying to yourself. I'm a pig and have been around snakes all my life and not one time have I not
Been stabbed in the back or screwed by one. They are
Plotters and planners and extremely judgmental but never wants anyone to judge them. Extremely haughty
Arrogant and charming. Able to get others to destroy a sheep if possible over lies or amplifying their superficial weaknesses such as unkempt hair, fatness or they just look simple etc.
They're the ones who were the head of the in crowd group or like the main character from White Collar. Everything this article said is true. However, the only good think about snakes is that when one dies the animal itself it becomes a medicine to cure and heal. Once you realize how much of a true jackasz u are and have been you become more sensitive to people and open up charitable organizations and look to help those you once deemed misfits. So you do have positive qualities. Some also become more God and family centered and conservative.
But sorry in your hay day when everything you touch turns to gold you're a moron. And no everyone doesn't act like this when everything goes their way.

Tony 2017-05-14 18:09:15
I had a relationship with a snake woman. I am a pig. She is very charming, pretty and sexy. She loves herself, dresses very sexy to expose her gorgeous body. She is an expert in flirting and was cheating on me on a permanent basis. She is arrogant, judgemental and narcissistic. She is pathological liar and manipulator. I was truly and deeply in love with her. It took me a couple of years to undermine her true colour. Then I eventually dumped her. After that, I suffered a lot. But, she, on the contrary took it easy and played the victim without any remorse. Never trust a snake woman. She will cheat with you in the first instance and then cheat on you. Promiscuity is not problem for her. She is a femme fatale. She needs attention, money and sex to cover-up her low-esteem.
dan020350 2016-02-18 08:46:07
My snake scorpio acts like a hoe, but in reality shes not a hoe, this tells me crafty....... My snake woman never said she loves me but she chases other men for power connection, which makes me jealous, but when I want to separate a inward intense feeling is let out of her
Lovers 2016-02-07 07:54:56
I am a girl Gemini / snake and in love with a boy Scorpio/ pig...well I've heard that Gemini and Scorpio are the opposite.. And snake / pig also are the opposite...so even if we love each other...shall we have clashes in future because of these signs ?
Gemini 2016-02-16 14:15:35
No Gemini and Scorpio aren't opposites at all. They are highly compatible with each other as they get along with each other a lot. Especially due to their own mentalities that they have together are positive which is a really good thing together that they have in common which is great. That helps them together to along with each other great.
Pig and snake 2016-02-16 14:07:44
I bet that the pig can be a very nice puppet to the snake.

Natasha 2015-11-26 20:48:22
I'm a Capricorn/Snake with a lovely Scorpio/Pig. We couldn't be happier! He's definitely softened some of my edges, but he loves my edginess and that I'm strategic, smart, and confident. In turn, I've made him more street smart, more aggressive about going for what he wants and more prone to speaking up about his needs. I like astrology but everything I've read about this match has been wrong. We've learn so much from each other and we both feel like better, stronger people through our relationships. That being said, I'm sure some snakes are creeps and some pigs are cowards but I don't see that as a rule.
Craig 2015-11-20 20:37:28
Pigs are cowards snakes are opportunists perfect for each other.
Heather Sidery 2015-11-15 08:42:28
Jane, and other Snakes, I am so saddened by your replies, and I agree with you. Being a snake I read this to reassure myself that I was not being over sensitive, but my Piggy Hubby (whom I adore) is a shit. (Sorry) I am utterly broken hearted by his untrustworthiness, and I have to say, the Astrological animals are in this case, totally reversed. I am an astrologer and am interested in Pig/Snake differences, and now wonder....?!?!*
Ces 2015-10-03 16:00:54
How about Gemini pig man & Scorpio snake woman? Is they are compatible?
lol 2015-08-27 08:00:49
Lol i see the female snake is sliding herself away! Ssssss!!!!! :P
Jane 2015-05-20 15:12:34
I am sick of all these Chinese astrology websites portraying the snake as a liar and cheater, and the pig as innocent and honest. My husband (soon to be ex) is a pig and i am a snake. I have been unhappily married to him for 3 years. Not a good match at all. I am giving up 'cause i am fed up with his lies and cheating.

P.s: slightly bitter wife (soon to be ex)

Ryan 2015-04-15 10:48:22
I am a libra boar, and my gf is a aries snake, we dont trust eachother at all, but yet, we have had 6 years of happiness and misery together, so something carnt be rite, 6 years and never argued once
lol 2015-01-18 09:24:14
Everytime I read a compatability between pig and snake they always try to paint the pig as a saint. I am a snake and have came across some very rude and manipulative pigs. They also try to take advantage of me and pretend they don't know what they are doing. Complete bull crap and not accurate at all.
Tabby 2015-01-05 22:02:17
I'm an Aries snake and I very much love my Aquarian piggy. Do we get on because of our Western zodiac signs? So much is true about our difference (I'm so insecure about his many adoring ex partners). I'm working on trusting more, and I do hope we work out!
ryan 2015-04-15 10:56:28
aries is a fire sign, and aquaries is a air sign,the boar and the snake will only work if they wont each other that bad,opposites attract ay, but you love your fella coz his air keeps your fire goin inside of you, if theres no air, theres no fire
laura 2014-12-06 05:08:45
My husband it an aries /pig.........he can be a secretive liar,but I also feel he can be really gullible at times.
alyssa 2014-11-10 00:10:32
I was born in a snake year, ox month and sheep day and many of my very good friends have a pig year, month or day. I think it's important to look at the whole chart.
niky 2016-11-06 04:43:33

I am a snake girl evening born.and in my life I always meet people who took advantage of me.As I have low confidence and little brain. I personally feel that I am not the snake. Because I want to be wise and clever so that nobody can fool me. I love a sheep man and our bonding is strong as we live far away.
Kyle 2014-11-04 22:39:06
This is a total load of cr*p.
I'm a pig,and I certainly don't mind playing dirty.
Snakes are also not all deceptive j*rks.
You have to compare your entire birth charts.
Just like you would do in western or any other astrology system.

Nancy 2014-10-01 01:31:20
That is total bull sh*t about the snake.
JoJo 2014-08-23 00:14:37
This is an accurate representation of a snake.
Kristin 2015-09-20 15:30:53
You must be a pig who likes to play the blame game. If a snake is ruthless it is typically for a reason. Pigs are the biggest bullies ever and can't handle what they dish.
Jen 2017-05-16 15:26:35
Message from Kristin
You must be a pig who likes to play the blame game. If a snake is ruthless it is typically for a reason. Pigs are the biggest bullies ever and can't handle what they dish.

I was thinking that about a snake girl i knew..She was a backstabber,liar,likes to dish but cant take one,sore loser, jealous, mess up with something/someone,but walks around like nothing and blames the person...been there even tho i didnt do anything bad to her and took everything she blamed me for.. yea,im a pig girl. Even tho she was playing the victim card, i was never ruthless to her cause of that reason(thats silly).

Just cause ive met a snake person who i didnt really get on well with, doesnt mean all snakes are like that.people change or grow up.
Daniel 2014-07-13 22:48:22
Scorpio snake and cancer pig?
rose 2014-06-30 23:17:59
this is not the right description for a snake. most of it is so untrue
Ryan 2015-04-15 11:02:04
Theres bad and good in everyone, you are the one who chooses which one you are, and yes snakes are snakish but that dont mean there all bad people, some snakes do bad things with good intentions, and some do good things with bad intentions

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