Rooster and Rabbit compatibility horoscope

Rooster and Rabbit compatibility horoscope
Relationships are complicated. A complicated interplay of talents, interests, strengths, and weaknesses determine the success or failure of each relationship. Your Chinese zodiac sign can tell you a lot about these personality traits, and so the Chinese horoscope can help you understand how compatible you are with your partner.

As a Rooster, you think quickly, and you act quickly. You are well spoken and good at convincing others around to your point of view. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you do not have a lot of respect for people who do not think as quickly as you do. Your schedule is always organized and completely full, and you strongly disapprove of people who are late for meetings or appointments, even if it is not you they kept waiting. You need your life and your finances organized to perfection, and you need a partner who does the same. If they do not have the talent to do so, you are willing to do the organizing as long as they can abide by the budget and schedule.

You do have a need to be the center of attention sometimes. You are always well dressed and well groomed, and you cut a dashing figure. Heads usually turn when you walk into a room, and you like that. You don't really want to compete with your partner for attention, and she may sometimes feel neglected when you are working the room.

Rabbits do not make the best partners for you. A Rabbit is sensitive, emotional, and moody. You think intellectually and tend to have little respect for those who follow intuition and their emotions. Rabbits do know how to relax and enjoy life when they are not stressed or depressed, but their version of relaxing involves throwing out the schedule for the day and just doing nothing. This is shocking to you, and you are simply incapable of doing it.

Rabbits do think carefully before making decisions, which is something you can respect. They are rarely taken advantage of because they always examine every angle. Rabbits absolutely hate conflict. They run rather than fight, and they avoid having discussions that are tense and likely to lead to a conflict. As a result, they may avoid speaking up about things that bother them in a relationship, and grow ever more resentful until they simply leave. Since you are so direct with your criticisms, Rabbits will be very hurt. They will often agree with you just to end the conflict, and then carry on with what they were doing before. You will get more frustrated and she will get more hurt, until this union finally dissolves.

You will want a Rabbit to learn to follow a strict schedule, and be more careful with finances. Even if she tries her best, this is not likely to happen in the way that you want it to. You have very high and specific expectations that don't suit the Rabbit's personality, and this will be a constant source of tension.

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