Rooster and Rooster compatibility horoscope

Rooster and Rooster compatibility horoscope
Your Chinese horoscope says a lot about you and your personality traits. It can teach you your strengths and weaknesses, interests and talents. When you compare your sign to your partner's, you can find out how compatible the two of you are and how easy or difficult it will be to make your relationship work.

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster are flashy. They command attention when they enter a room due to their impeccable fashion sense and preening air. Roosters do not experience much self doubt. They know exactly what they are doing, when they are doing it, and how it will be done. This is due to the amount of organization and preparation a Rooster puts into each and every thing that he or she does. There is no getting ahold of a Rooster on short notice, because his or her schedule is already packed as full as it can possibly get.

Everything is matter of fact for a Rooster. There isn't much room for emotion or negotiation, because the Rooster already has everything under control. A Rooster is very smart, and can handle just about anything. His or her finances are in perfect order, and he or she will be unable to resist the temptation to put yours in order as well. Roosters are perfectionists who also demand perfection from their mates, and unfortunately perfection for a Rooster is often defined as "exactly the way I would have done it."

Roosters are sharply critical, and their words will wound sensitive partners. They need a romantic interest who is willing to go with them and listen to what they say, but is not so sensitive as to be rocked to the core by the Rooster's comments. He or she really doesn't mean to offend, but tiptoeing around an issue is such a waste of time to them, and they really have no time to waste.

Two Roosters trying to have a relationship is trying at best. Since they are both perfectionists who want everything done their own way, they will get along perfectly if they coincidentally have the same opinions about everything, but of course that is not very likely. In reality, there is likely to be a lot of sniping and harsh words between the two of them, and endless arguments about the best way to handle everything from decorating to finances.

Roosters are well versed in the art of rhetoric, and are prone to giving moving speeches that convince others around to their way of thinking. Two Roosters are likely to be up all night long having passionate arguments about the smallest things, because they actually thrive on controversy.

Roosters are passionate and creative, and have big ideas. They are actually quite generous with their loved ones, it's just that living up to a Rooster's expectations can be difficult. To be successful in any relationship a Rooster must learn to relax and allow plans to change at least once in awhile. Two Roosters, however, are probably just too set in their ways to learn to get along.

Rooster parents 2015-04-30 00:21:58
I have rooster parents...Not an easy relationship, but definitely one that is still working after many years. On the other hand, as a pig child, it was pretty hard to lift to their high expectations...Love them always with or without their flaws... :)

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Persiaran 2014-10-14 07:52:49
I totally agree

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daman 2014-06-25 00:21:40
yep this is true......never worked out....I am a rooster and have been with 2 is to avoid...

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