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Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility Horoscope

Rabbit 💝 Tiger Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope

Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Rabbit and Tiger Zodiac Signs.

Rabbit Years of Birth: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023

Tiger Years of Birth: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

It is a good idea to check your Chinese zodiac sign and what is has to say about your personality before committing to a mate. Your strengths and weaknesses determine who will be the best fit for you as a romantic partner, and the Chinese horoscope has much advice to give on how to build a strong relationship and avoid problems.

As a Rabbit, you are determined to work towards your goals, but you operate quietly. You prefer to be in the background, staying out of controversy. You are intelligent, creative, and artistic, and you have the frequent moodiness that tends to accompany those traits. Whichever partner you choose must be supportive up your moods and cheer you up when you are down.

You are a charmer. You have a talent with words and you use them skilfully to negotiate and avoid conflicts. You absolutely hate conflicts and tension and would rather run away than stand your ground and fight. Fighting is simply not in your nature, and you need a partner who is stronger in the face of adversity to protect you.

If a partner pressures you too much for anything, your tendency to flee will overwhelm you. You would rather run than have too many demands placed upon you, and this can make relationships fragile. You need to do your share without prompting, because if you partner needs to ask repeatedly you will feel backed into a corner. You need a partner who knows how to be subtle and caring when making requests of you.

If you are in love with a Tiger, you should be aware that she is probably too intense for you. Tigers are bundles of passion, and she would be a great protector for you, and willing to fight all of your battles, but Tigers are not usually subtle when making demands of their mates. She is likely to lash out at you if she feels you aren't doing your share in the relationship.

Tigers need a lot of love and affection when they are feeling down, and she will probably not get quite what she is looking for from you. You are careful, cautious, and intellectual in your thinking, and Tigers are very emotional when they get upset. They don't want to hear logic, but that is the solace you tend to give. Obviously you are not a good match in this regard.

Although a Tiger could really use your careful, well thought out advice sometimes, she is not likely to listen. Tigers are determined, independent, and stubborn, and tend to do what they want. It's a shame, because she would really benefit from the words of caution you offer.

A Tiger is likely to look down upon your dislike of conflict as being fearful and timid. Tigers have a hard time respecting people who do not confront issues passionately and head-on, as they do. A Tiger would be able to teach you a little about standing up for yourself and being aggressive, but even her teaching style is simply too confrontational for you.

All in all this is a difficult match to sustain.

Compatibility of Rabbit Tiger couple Rabbit Tiger Compatibility Horoscope

Comments: Rabbit Tiger Compatibility Horoscope

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Lilly 2017-11-22 06:00:50
Ha, Virgo Tiger with Virgo rabbit, we were both quiet and intimidated; he intimidated by my personality, me intimidated by his looks. He was 100% gorgeous and kind. He follows his buddies around too much, to me that made him seem weak.

My kids are both Aquarius Rabbits and we get along perfectly. They think I'm the funniest fun smart person. I teach them constantly, and shower them with adoration. they are very wise behaved affectionate artistic and willing to please, and they follow others, like mimics. That part still worries me. Theyre very impressionable.

I think now that I'm in my thirties I'd like to date one again

Oh and my childhood best friend was a Virgo Rabbit as well.
Tigger 2014-09-15 10:59:48
Remember the rabbit is also a cat zodiac, that is why tigers and cat/rabbit zodiac get along well. The yinyang plays a large role here to help.
Lili 2015-10-14 22:24:59
true in China it's rabbit and in vietnamese it's cat instead of rabbit

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