Dragon and Dragon compatibility horoscope

Dragon and Dragon compatibility horoscope
Those born under the Dragon sign of the Chinese zodiac are fearless, confident, aggressive, and controlling. These people often end up owning or running large successful businesses. Driven by an urge to conquer, Dragons love to travel, and they usually have a large number of admirers who follow them. Often a trail of broken hearts is left in the Dragon's wake.

Dragon's do not set out to hurt others, and can be kind and generous to those they care for. Unfortunately, their determination and self-involvement often result in rash, selfish decisions. Dragons love power, success, and devoted admirers. The truth is, as much as Dragons prefer to go it alone, they need the love and support of other people, or else they do not have a cause to work for, and lose their way.

It is easy to be impressed by a female Dragon. Not only will she be attractive and seductive, but she is likely to hold a position of power, and remember that power attracts Dragons. As a Dragon yourself, you are likely to find this women irresistible, and long to possess her. It is wise to be cautious when considering such a match. Young Dragons are not ready to settle down, and although your union is likely to be fiery and passionate, it doesn't have much long term potential.

Dragons require a lot of love and admiration. Two Dragons will be seeking this admiration from each other, and are not likely to have much to give in return. You may resent that your Dragon woman wishes to pursue her own career rather than stay home and support you in your endeavours, and she will not see any reason why she should give up anything of her life for you. In other words, two young Dragons may make splendid physical partners, but not much more.

As Dragons get older, they gain a greater tendency to want to settle down, and compromise is more likely. A female Dragon may be more likely to put a stop to travel in order to have a family, which she will love and protect with all the persistence that she pursued success in her youth. You too will be more likely to settle down, and give up throngs of admirers in exchange for one.

No matter the age, two Dragons will have difficulties in their relationship. All relationships have a certain amount of jockeying for power, and this will be intense when both partners care so much for power and control. Dragons are used to praise and admiration, and are not used criticism and compromise. If you plan to commit yourself to another Dragon, you must have a plan for dealing with power struggles and conflicts when they arise. You have a better chance of succeeding romantically if you are also partnered in business, because neither of you will have to give up your work aspirations.

If you think you will be able to overwhelm and overpower a female Dragon in the same manner you are accustomed to controlling others, you will be in for a surprise. A female Dragon is likely more than a match for you, and you may find yourself being tamed a little by her power.

Pat 2014-07-20 03:54:27
lolol ..she can work,I'll stay home and watch the kids

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Belmontdoll 2014-07-02 19:57:57
I am a female Dragon and all of it is so true ! Holy cow !
My hunni is a Male Dragon and we have such a connection its insane and im very happy .

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