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Dragon and Ram Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon 💝 Ram Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon and Ram Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Dragon and Ram Zodiac Signs.

Dragon Years of Birth: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

Ram Years of Birth: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Consulting your Chinese horoscope will let you know how compatible you are with your lover. Your Dragon personality is compatible with some signs, and not at all compatible with others!

As a Dragon, you are drawn to power, and concentrate it in your own hands. You love money and luxuries, and aren't above using morally gray means to obtain them. You are hard to pin down, both physically and metaphorically, because you love travel and bouncing from one project to the next. You are likely to be successful as long as your group of admirers does not desert you. Your main weakness as a Dragon is that you need the love and support of others to prop up your self-esteem, or your life tends to fall apart despite your obvious intelligence and talent.

If you have fallen in love with a Ram, it is important to realize that this union, while not impossible, requires work. Rams are very understanding. Female Rams in particular are very intuitive and compassionate, and will not hesitate to give you the support you need. The two of you share a romantic nature, and are likely to be very loving towards one another, which of course is a positive thing.

While Dragons dream in a practical way, and set out to achieve their dreams immediately, Rams have more of a tendency towards wishful dreaming. You may find yourself frustrated when your Ram expresses wishes and dreams to you that she does not pursue, because you will not understand that dreaming is often enough for her. You are rarely satisfied without success, and idle thinking is not enough.

Rams need a little pushing sometimes, because they are not good at keeping to a schedule. In truth, Rams can be rather lazy, so if you prefer a wife who keeps a spotless house, a Ram is not the best love match for you. She is likely to support you emotionally, but will not always respond well to constant demands. There is a great risk that you will push her too far, as your personality is very intense. On the other hand, Rams love to please others, especially their families, so your Ram may work a little harder to make you happy.

Both of you will need to set out a careful financial plan. Although you are good at making money, and money seems to find the Ram, you are both prone to over spending. Hiring a financial planner would be a good investment if you want to keep your union from going broke. Your fondness for travel and luxuries will not combine well with the Ram's utter inability to keep track of spending.

The simple fact is that this will be a difficult union to maintain, and will require effort and compromise on both parts. If your Sheep is comfortable being drawn out of her comfort zone by you, and you are willing to tone down your adventures and ignore your other admirers, that will be a start. You will have to go against your nature and actively seek out your Sheep for regular discussions about her feelings, because she will not be willing to talk about them. Sheep often avoid confrontation until it is too late to discuss things productively, so you will need to talk to her regularly to avoid having an emotional bomb go off later.

Comments: Dragon Ram Compatibility Horoscope

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Dragon and Ram 2017-06-15 03:51:26
Works well if the Dragon partner is sensitive to the needs of the Ram. And it does require much work for the Dragon; therefore, Dragon needs to fall hard for the Ram in order for it to work. Ram may follow if they know where Dragon's heart is. Rams do sense things. Dragon needs to love the Ram for who they are, not what they should be, or what the image Dragon believes them to be. If Dragon accepts this, this union might survive. And Ram needs to lavish the Dragon with attention at the right doses and to keep Ram disposition light when around Dragon always being there when Dragon needs them.
JonBoy 2016-12-26 13:44:40
I am a dragon woman and have had a relationship where I have lived with a ram man for 7, nearly 8 years. We're largely very happy, but it requires me to pursue things I am unpleased with at an early stage as being a fire dragon if I leave it until I have had my fill then I tend to inadvertently scorch my beloved, which puts him into a sulk. So in my experience good communication is the key to a happy union 🙂
Natasha 2015-10-23 20:46:57
He's cute.. the Dragon. 1988. Earth.

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