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Dragon and Dog Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon 💝 Dog Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon and Dog Compatibility Horoscope

Chinese Compatibility Horoscope for Combination of Dragon and Dog Zodiac Signs.

Dragon Years of Birth: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

Dog Years of Birth: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

When assessing your compatibility with your mate, it is wise to turn to your Chinese horoscopes. The Chinese zodiac describes your nature in detail, and helps you to understand what successes and failures you are likely to have in relationships.

As a Dragon, you are driven to success. Dragons love power and money, and don't have many scruples that prevent them from obtaining it. Although loving and generous to the ones they care about, Dragons can be a bit selfish and ruthless in the pursuit of their goals. They are often successful in their careers, and have a magnetic personality that many find irresistible. Dragons do not have trouble finding lovers, but may have trouble keeping them, especially in their impetuous youth.

Dogs are the opposite of the Dragon. Steady, loyal, and dependable, Dogs depend on sober forethought and caution. Dogs are by nature pessimistic and anxious, and rely on a solid routine where they are close to home. Dogs prefer to guard their loved ones from danger, and become very upset and angry when betrayed.

Dragons and Dogs do not make a very good love match.

As a Dragon, you love travel and excitement, where your Dog mate will want to stay close to home and stick to a routine. You will likely find her boring because she shuns your high energy adventures. Although you will appreciate the loyalty of your Dog, she will be offended by the way you treat others while in the pursuit of some goal. Her moral issues with your ruthless tactics will cause tension in your union.

Your tendency to throw yourself into situations headfirst will annoy your Dog partner, and she will forever be pulling you back, advising you to be cautious. You are likely to resent her attempts to protect you, as you are used to being in control of every aspect of your life, and prefer to hold all the power in your own hands.

It is likely that your Dog mate will be jealous of your many admirers and your constant temptation. If you do stray, your Dog will feel extremely betrayed and is not likely to forgive you, as Dogs value loyalty above all. An older Dragon will have more luck in this relationship than a younger, as older Dragons are less likely to cheat on their partners.

A Dog will not understand you love of money and luxuries, as Dogs have simple tastes and don't care for money beyond providing necessities to their families. Your natures will constantly be at war, and any relationship is unlikely to last long. If you are absolutely determined to succeed in a relationship with a Dog, it might be possible, since Dragons often achieve what they want, but it will require far more compromise than you are accustomed to, and likely a regular dose of therapy, as well. If you are a Dragon who can resist the temptation to stray and is willing to earn his money without hurting others, there is a chance that you could form a relationship with the loyal and honest Dog, but there is likely to be much stress.

Compatibility of Dragon Dog couple Dragon Dog Compatibility Horoscope

Comments: Dragon Dog Compatibility Horoscope

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Drimsooshi 2018-02-19 22:34:23
Dog loves adventure enough said they are not even a homebody type of people they seek new things in all aspect.
Eido 2018-02-12 21:03:18
As someone born under the sign of the dragon, there are many things written here that I disagree with. Firstly, whilst I do value success, I would not pursue it so relentlessly and ruthlessly as to dismiss the ones I love. To me, power and money is not as important as doing something of benefit for the world, whether it's fighting for human rights, equality or a healthier environment. I have dragon friends who turn down high-powered corporate careers in order to work for civic organisations. Another thing - not all of us would throw ourselves into a situation headfirst, in fact, some of us are very guarded!
Jay 2018-01-13 08:58:19
I used to date a cancerian dog girl.. She is very nice, sweet, hardworking, homely & extremely loyal which she could be a great wife but for me as a cancerian dragon man, I have to let her go because deep in my heart I knew she is not suitable for me.. Sometimes the nicest thing doesn't mean it is meant for us
Mrs. Kyalla 2019-06-15 02:19:15
So for you which zodiac sign do u prefer both in the Western and Chinese?

Wolfdragon 2017-09-23 07:27:15
I am a female dog and my boyfriend is a dragon 6 years younger then me... This is the best and most healthy relationship I have ever been in and never been so connected to anyone in our lifes we never argue only sometimes we disagree and we just talk it through and speak our minds truthfully with respect we travel alot which I the dog love to do as much as my dragon and we love new experiences and we share the same goals values and interests... We both do extreme sports together paraglide and martial art and wintersports music taste art and many more... we have Intense mindblowing sexlife we are both spiritual... we are like yin yang sun moon fire water balance ... Trust is so natural between us and we make eachother better persons in in every way... we both have admirers and we both think its just normal because its just the way of life... And we have been together for almost 4 years and our love and connecton grow stronger each year... DragonWolf couples for life!... <3
Homegirl 2018-02-28 22:28:29
Ahhh so pleased to read your comment..I too am a female dog who has met a male dragon 6 yrs younger than I. I was worried because we seem n feel so damn right.. Met online 7 months ago and not gone a day not speaking to each other. Weirdly I`m the adventurer and he is more stable..but we seem to compliment each other he loves my free spirit while I admire his stability...we have similar tastes values and desires for the future..when we`ve clashed we`ve worked through it and communicated..this so far also feels the best I`ve known...I`m hoping that regardless what the zodiac says, we can make this work. But you have filled me with positive energy and that alone is a good thing..
Chen Zen 2017-09-01 13:30:40
I guess most part of the comments here are fake.
Too much disrespectful and tendencious to be dragons cause is a sign very honorable and respectful.
Well,i'm a dragon man and love girls of the dog sign,they look always so sensitive and delicate.
Leny 2017-06-01 18:36:25
Im a female dog and dating a dragon,, reading all this comments, need me think twice if i'll continue dating him!
EarthDragon88 2017-05-15 12:17:51
I'm a dragon male madly in love with a dog female but I do feel it she constantly tries to strip me of the power I'm accustomed to having I make allot of compromises for her some are way out of my comfort zone but it's something about her and like my man uptop said she has the best p*ssy of all time.
lmapty 2017-03-19 13:13:39
I am a dog and I was totally betrayed by a dragon.
Dd 2016-09-27 20:44:45
Avoid this relationship if you can! Will start out good, but will get worse as the years roll by.
I believe 2016-03-07 17:38:51
I was told not to marry someone age 6 or 12 years apart from you. Well, I did because I love her and her family. I am dragon and wife is dog. She likes to travel with me but there will always be fights during our journey. I suspect it is just dog's trait because she may be outside of her territory. I simply let her vent. One thing I can be confident is that she does not stray. I have admirers but I already signed up for a long-term relationship with her. So, instead of focusing on our compatibility, straying or worrying about who is going to stray, we concentrate on out careers, making money and our future. The way I see it is, some years may be bad for dragons but good for dogs. So if she does not do well one year, at least I will be there to support her.
NG 2015-12-23 08:20:31
This is not true! I am madly in love with a dragon and I am a dog. He is older and I would trust him with my life!
hurt 2015-11-16 23:27:21
wish i didnt pursue this relationship. now it's too late. constant tears and heartaches.

me 2015-09-09 20:40:58
I got a relationship with a dog, this bt*ch has the best p*ssy but its been about 3 years and it felt like my life went upside down

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