June 2012 Horoscope Aquarius

June 2012 Horoscope Aquarius

June 2012 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Wow Aquarius, this is going to be a very social month - even for you! You've been working hard and June is the month in which it all finally pays off. There may be some confrontations coming your way which will be all the more frustrating because you didn't ask for them and you don't deserve them. Unfortunately, life isn't always fair and sometimes it happens like this. Try not to let it get you down, and just continue on with your jet-setting lifestyle.

Aquarius June Monthly Career Horoscope

You're going to have more freedom in your work than you're used to. Enjoy it! It might last, but only if you make the most of it. You're going to see a lot of opportunities come up for you this year, and they're well deserved. However, don't forget about these confrontations. They may very well come at work and the results could be disastrous if you let it get out of hand. Keep your cool and remember that it's not really about you.

Aquarius June Monthly Financial Horoscope

Your new career freedom is going to come with increased income as well. Hopefully you've stored for rainy days though, because there will be some unforeseen medical expenses coming your way. They may be a result of your own medical treatment, or they could be on behalf of someone else. Regardless, when you start to see the money roll in, don't be tempted to spend it immediately. You might need it sooner than you think.

Aquarius June Monthly Love Horoscope

This is going to be quite the passionate year for you. Don't be afraid to expose who you really are. If you're partnered, trust that your partner loves and appreciates you. Let a little more of your authentic self come through. They'll appreciate it and your relationship will be stronger for it. Those who are single will have a whirlwind month. You'll be social and it will seem like you're everywhere at once. That said, beware those mighty confrontations and be sure the people you mess around with aren't already in a relationship - especially with the violent, jealous type.

Aquarius June Monthly Health Horoscope

You need to take better care of yourself in general, and June is going to make it even more difficult because you'll spend so much of the month out and about. As a result, try and make it a social activity. Find a friend or family member to exercise with, join a club of healthy eaters, or try out a new restaurant that caters to healthy, vegetarian meals. You'll need all the energy for your exciting month!

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