Aquarius Horoscope for November 2012

November 2012 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for November 2012

Monthly November 2012 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly November 2012 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

Aquarius and November are great together! You have the persistence to move forward to a better place; do not hold back out of fear of the unknown. An overhaul of your finances will be gradual, but November could see a payoff of your hard work. Be flexible during November and don't try to keep everything to yourself. Be happy; not cranky. Aquarius is the inventor of all things crazy and good. November, however is not the time to ask people to admire your inventions; they will recognize them soon enough. Try not to experiment with the emotions or personalities of others - Aquarians tend to watch people to see what they will do in certain situations. November is a time of thankfulness not watchfulness and aloofness.

During the first of November, those under the sign of Aquarius need to stop working so hard and cultivate good feelings at home. Make your home environment friendlier and solidifying relationships during this month is highly important. After the 21st of November you may find that this is the time to spend more time with family, friends and organizations. Mid November will find Aquarians on a roller coaster ride in regards to relationships, however the upsetting alignment of Pluto and Uranus can provide you with unique talents and rewarding personal relationships. Aquarius people seem to take a friendly approach to relationships and feel that friendship is the basis for marriage, relationships and business partnerships. Watch for those people in November who may come into your sphere who are unusual and creative as well as non-conventional. Do be aware that November isn't really a good month to launch new relationships - find comfort in friends and family and new acquaintances.

Around November 6th those under the sign of Aquarius should avoid making in hasty moves or decisions; these decisions could impact negatively on communications with your boss. If you are emotionally aware you can manage the stress that this negativity brings. Be flexible and find conditions and situations to impress your boss. Join with forward thinking colleagues to find new ways for social unions. This can help with brainstorming and bring out new ideas to improve the company and advance your career. Find creative and inventive new ideas - innovations is your strong point. Make the most of your financial portfolio by participating in well-selected investments. These investments made in November will carry Aquarius people well into the future.

Body health that is governed by Aquarius is the ankles and circulatory system. During November Aquarian people must be cognizant of the world around them that includes those with viruses that are contagious. Take your vitamins and eat right. November is the time to increase your supplements of magnesium to absorb vitamins. You may feel a twinge of an ache in your lower back - visit a chiropractor or get a well-deserved massage. Aquarians need to keep health focused on exercise and maintaining the proper nutrition. Don't forget, as Aquarians often do, that your body is equally as important as your mind.

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