2013 Horoscope for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

2013 Horoscope Capricorn

Astrology forecast for 2013, the year of the Black Water Snake. 2013 Horoscope for people born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign.

Capricorn Souls are coming into their own in 2013 year of the black Snake.

Big Ambition is a trait of most Capricorns. A slow steady climb keeps you happy. This 2013 year it's going to be faster than usual. Capricorn will get to see how useful all the groundwork you've been laying your whole life has been. Capricorn 2013 horoscope predicts Good times! Stressful stretching times too.

This 2013 year of Snake Pluto has been squeezing you through the wringer of transformation. Pluto is travelling throughout Capricorn, ensuring systematically that all the Earthly Capricorns are transformed on fundamental levels. This means you are learning to step into our own true authentic power. Capricorn is the boss man at the top. Happiest when advising and delegating. Every Capricorn feels a tremendous pressure to improve, always striving for better, always climbing. As indicated Capricorn 2013 horoscope this year you have full support in this betterment! But it's hard in many ways too. You must perform now. Step up to the plate, fully commit, sign on the dotted line. You need both feet in to achieve the levels you've imagined for yourself. This is the hard part, you may have been dilly dallying or putting something off that you've long held dear. This fear of moving forward is just a reflection of your self-esteem, not quite believing in your worth can keep from you what you want and need.

This 2013 year of the Snake Pluto, deep change maker is squaring off with action planet mars as well as rebellious reformer Uranus. When planets square each other they are often working at cross purposes. As said by Capricorn 2013 horoscope the point of all this inner conflict is to get you moving. Get the ball rolling. The stress initiates changes and change is all that can really be counted on in this life. You could find issues between what you want, what your significant other or business partner wants, and what your role in the larger group is. Try to see all sides of the story and compromise where possible. This is likely very transformative for you, solving these problems will change your life rather dramatically. The tension might express itself physically if you are not careful to integrate the stress through relaxation exercises. Visualizing the outcomes you desire is a very relaxing Capricorn pursuit- it takes discipline to sit there and conjure images- but it has great rewards in the unseen world of energy, within this place is the stuff our dreams are made of- deliberate focus is magic- seriously, it's Magic. All the stress these aspects are creating is productive, think of it that way.

Your ruling planet, the taskmaster Saturn, is in a supportive trine with jolly Jupiter. This means in 2013 year Capricorns are able to expand in a structured and thorough way. Jupiter often brings along some pretty lucky situations but we need more than just luck to grow things to perfection. Saturn will make sure you have the discipline necessary to follow through with all the little details that create the sort of success you envision for yourself. This will feel good, this 2013 year of Snake Capricorn will find yourself more easily optimistic with less self defeating attitudes. Saturn as the ruling planet can have its difficulties: Fear is big, of aging, illness and death. Capricorns are often acutely aware of time limitations. From the time they are little there is a true sense that our days are numbered. Pretty heavy realization for a kid to have. It is common for Capricorn children to feel the burden of responsibility from a young age. To balance it out though, Capricorns often age beautifully, its seems as though the hardest work is done in their childhoods. This harmonious trine energy is the product of previous efforts. Now you can glide a little- sit still for a minute.

Pluto is calling you to become all that you can be and Jupiter is expanding life on the home front in some way. In 2013 year Capricorn may feel torn, feeling these areas are in opposition to each other. Try to think in terms of this and that not either/or. You can have it all at the same time and sometimes at different times. To be a truly secure Cappy you need your solid home base- a loving family is part of the picture. Parenthood comes naturally to you and so does having a Career. Try to find ways to make it all work- equal time to work and family. If you are in the boss position, which you likely are, you have the power to set your schedule and delegate less interesting tasks. Your family needs you now, maybe another baby is on the way, or perhaps you are moving to a more ideal home, or both. Balance is called for. You can do it!

2013 year of the black Snake will be a really productive year for Capricorn. You really are coming into your power now- You deserve it. Just keep in mind the need for balance at all times this year. You don't want to burn out right as you arrive. Pace yourself. Life is working with you- supporting exactly who you are. Go forth and prosper! Be healthy, wealthy and wise, just as the Universe intended you to be.

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