2013 Horoscope for Pig Zodiac Sign

2013 Horoscope Pig

Chinese 2013 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Pig, for the 2013 Black Water SNAKE Year

Pig, you have a big heart and this can serve you well for a long time, but in 2013 year of the black Snake it can also get you in trouble. The Chinese 2013 horoscope for Pig shows us that it's time for you to take the reins of your life and stop giving away all the accolades for your work. Stand up for yourself, take the appreciation you deserve, and you'll find a much happier you.

2013 horoscope - The Pig In Love

The Pig gives 110% of what they have, which can be a problem in love. Too frequently, as the Chinese 2013 horoscope for Pig shows us, this can be taken advantage of. When the Pig pairs up with a manipulator like the Snake, they can easily have the wool pulled over their eyes and give, give, and give some more to a relationship that will simply never work out.

The Pig also has a tendency to wear their heart on their sleeve. They are always open and honest with everyone, which is great for their partner. When they're with the right person, communication can be top notch. On the other hand, they simply assume that everyone in their life is being as open and honest as they are. We know that's not the case, and so this can lead to great disappointment.

If there was one piece of advice the Pig should live by based on their Chinese 2013 horoscope, it's that they need to find a balance between being themselves and letting their true, trusting personality out, and between being a pushover. Do give people the benefit of the doubt, but don't continue to do so when they've shown you that they don't deserve it.

2013 horoscope - The Pig at Work

The Pig does give everything they have to their work, just like they do to their love life. However, this can have grave consequences when they aren't willing to stand up for what they've been doing. One scenario that we see again and again is a Pig who helps their co-worker so much with work they need done that they neglect their own work. Then the co-worker takes full credit and the Pig looks like the one who's not capable of doing their job.

Chinese 2013 horoscope for Pig is proof positive that the Pig needs to take credit where credit is due. Does that mean tooting your own horn? If need be, yes. Remember that you're at work. Your employer pays you a certain amount to complete certain tasks. They need to know exactly what you're doing and how proficiently you're doing it, or they can't accurately assess the needs of the entire company. There is nothing wrong with making sure they understand what you're contributing.

The struggle for the Chinese 2013 horoscope for Pig is much the same as it is every year for them. They must find a way to break free from the urge to do everyone's work for them, they must accept nothing less than they deserve in their love life, and they must be willing to take credit when it's due. If they can do these things, then they're set to have quite a nice 2013 year indeed.

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