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2013 December Horoscope

Free December 2013 monthly Horoscope

Monthly December 2013 Horoscope
Monthly December 2013 Horoscope

The final month of the arduous 2013, December will traditionally and quite naturally for most signs of the zodiac belt become a time of summing up, characterized by some reduction in work activities, and increased sensual atmosphere. However, the position of certain celestial bodies in the solar system in relation to the individual trigons, and sometimes in respect of absolutely all zodiac signs will be determined by fairly active emanations of positive energy. For example, Saturn. This planet in December 2013 will look favourably upon almost all of the zodiac signs (with rare exceptions), and therefore, many of the problems with roots in the past, may or may not reach the addressee. In other words, too many conflicts based on mistakes of the past years, which quite logically would be appropriate this month, can be avoided. Of course, all of this is possible only when you account for prudent attention and some other factors, most of which will be quite individual. At the same time, it is necessary to note the position of the moon and Venus, the planets, which this month will not skimp on the positive energy for all of the trigons of the celestial belt.

As for the "celestial leaders", sadly, but in light of the actual stellar combinations two of the trigons will lose additional support from the planets of the Solar System. These two trigons are ones of Fire and Water. Yet as for the marks of Earth and Air, the stars predict unprecedented successes, the key to which may well become their new patron saints. So, in respect to the trigon of Earth, the role of the "heavenly leader" will be played by Mars in December 2013. In general, Mars is the planetary antagonist of Venus, and the general position of the latter towards the inhabitants of our planet will be quite favourable. Such a situation can easily lead to a powerful energetic conflict, the outcome of which is sure to become the emergence of a number of issues, focusing on all aspects of life of the representatives of trigon Earth. It turns out, that Mars, instead of aiding may bring the Earth element additional problems. However, the development of this situation, firstly, is individual and will seriously differ in respect to the signs belonging to different crosses. Secondly, when accounting for some factors, the possibility of this conflict escalating can be reduced to virtually zero, while the possibility of completion of even the most insane of projects can be taken to a hundred percent. As for the element of Air signs, their "heavenly leader" in the coming period will be Uranus, a small and not too strong, but an unpredictable and largely mysterious planet. Her energy, even positive one, can be ambiguous, but in this situation, it is Uranus that will ensure the successful development of the projects, the realization of which is engaging the signs of the Air element.

And, of course, this month will not avoid the planets, whose relationship to the inhabitants of Earth will be characterized by one-sided negative energy. And the first of these planets worth mentioning, is Jupiter, the planetary antagonist of Uranus. In the current time period, Jupiter will be characterized by completely chaotic bursts of negative energy. Of course, this energy can bring people a lot of problems, regardless of affiliation to a particular trigon or cross. But the difficulty lies in that there is no pattern by which these bursts can be characterized. By the way, in this regard, the Sun will be helping Jupiter, the mighty King of the celestial band, which, of course, is not a positive factor.

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