2015 Capricorn Good & Bad Days Horoscope

2015 good day horoscope for capricorn
Youíll see Pluto entering your sign this year, Capricorn, from April 16 to September 24. Pluto is known as the planet of war and power, so donít be surprised if you feel a huge power trip come on. Your passion is unsurpassed right now, and youíll even have the tendency to be downright obsessive about certain things. Jealousy is also a big part of your power trip, and those close to you (and even some acquaintances) will be very reluctant to deal with you during this time. Your seriousness about life is also at an all-time high, and itís making you want to make some drastic changes. Maybe, you should start off by transforming yourself for the better. Is this Pluto, or you wanting to do this? More than likely, itís probably both, but if you make the transformation under your own power, itíll be for the better, instead of making things worse. Make sure you stick to the change as well, no quitting in the middle and leaving it. This is something that needs your full energy and attention. If you complete this, you will feel like a completely different person, but in an excellent, refreshing way. Also, if there is a situation that everyone has counted you out of, itís time to get back at it. Youíll turn quite a few heads, and surprise everyone. Another big planetary transit to watch out for in 2015 is Uranus entering Aries, which will come at a square to your sign, from July 25 to December 25. Youíre so restless, that if you or any part of your life stands still, you feel the sudden urge to move. Youíll want fast change at this time, so donít be surprised if you go after an opportunity you normally wouldnít. Change is your middle name in 2015, Capricorn, and remember: although itíll be rough at that point and time, change is always good, and youíll feel it once it happens.

Youíll want to tighten those purse strings in January, Capricorn. Impulse shopping of any kind is your mortal enemy right now, because you canít afford to be throwing money everywhere. Being responsible about your finances is key right now, especially right after the New Year. Towards the end of the month, you might see why you needed to be so frugal, as an important, expensive, situation pops up. Youíll be glad that you werenít so spontaneous.

February brings out the homemaker in you. Youíll have the energy to get a lot done, but you wonít exert that energy in unfamiliar territory. Your home calls out to you, including your community. Volunteer work is a great way to exert that energy, and youíll feel good about it as well. If thereís a project youíve been wanting to do in your home, nowís the time to get it done. You wonít have many distractions, so youíll be very productive within your home and community.

March has you looking into a new opportunity. Youíre excited about it, and will know exactly how to do it. Why are you so confident about a new project, when you would usually be a rack of nerves? This particular opportunity wonít push you so far out of your comfort zone that you become nervous, and more than likely, youíve done something similar before. There isnít any need to go leaping into the unfamiliar anyway, so youíre okay right where you are. Plus, you have experience with this opportunity, so youíll be able to easily exceed.

We have a lunar eclipse occurring in April, on the 4th. Youíve worked so hard for a long time on a particular goal, and youíll just be able to reach it during this time. This goal is something that youíre passionate about, and something that is extremely important to you. Youíve made so many sacrifices to get this far, and youíre not about to give up now. Hold on, Capricorn, because it is just within reach!

May, especially at the end, has you being so lazy, youíll have difficulty functioning like a normal person. You could even say that youíre suffering from a huge bout of procrastination. Work is just not happening right now, and if you try to force yourself to work, youíll only frustrate yourself and make the situation worse. A vacation pops into your mind, and it may be just what you need. Unfortunately, itís just a pipe dream right now, so you need to try to break out of this lazy funk. Just try not to force anything on yourself, and donít give into the laziness. You need a happy medium right now in order to be productive.

All the little things youíve done to make your dreams a reality will come to fruition in June. It may feel like you werenít moving very far, because you were trying to be practical, but youíll see just how far youíve come this month. With you being able to see your process in a proper way, youíll be able to put all the necessary pieces together and make your dream a reality. Just remember to keep at it and donít give up. Youíre so close that you can taste it!

Uranus forms a square to your sign in July, on the 25th, so donít be surprised if you feel restless. This makes you want to hang out with your loved ones constantly, and theyíll be a little leery of your sudden affection since youíre not normally like this. Just make sure that you let them know this is completely genuine, or theyíll back off, and you definitely donít want that right now. You may on some level feel a bit guilty about not spending much time with them lately, so you want to make up for it now. And, now that youíve got the time, itís perfect for everyone involved.

The growing need to be with your loved ones falls into August, but this month, you feel a bit more detached than last, especially mid-month. Just make sure, whatever you do, that you donít impulsively become clingy or overreact to every little action. Remain calm through your emotions, which is extremely difficult but it needs to be done. When you keep yourself from freaking out, you can think rationally and can come to a better conclusion to the situation. The answer is easy, you just have to take a deep breath and relax.

Self-doubt resonates in September, especially in the beginning of the month, and itís all circulated around your goals that youíve been working so hard to achieve. Youíll be questioning everything about them, from the work youíve done to the actual goal at hand. This is something that youíve been working so hard on for so long, and it would be beyond foolish to just give up now. Your gut feeling is telling you what youíve been doing is right, and you should always trust your gut, even when your mind is telling you different. You know what you need to do, and youíve got everything lined up for success. Blocks in the road typically donít mean to completely give up, just to take a breather, and this might be what you need. Remember, patience is a virtue.

October comes, and you feel the weight of the world on your shoulder. Youíll see that over the next couple years, youíll want to just sit back and watch everything from the background. This will do you good, as youíll be able to look over your life and see what needs to change. Youíve been through so much up until now, and the baggage that has come along with it is bogging you down. In order for you to move on, youíll have to let go of this and move on. Towards the end of the month, youíll receive the perfect opportunity to do so, and you should take advantage.

Your realism takes a backseat to optimism in November, Capricorn. Being an optimist doesnít shroud you in fantasy, like you tend to think. Thereís nothing wrong with being realistic, but youíll see mid-month that being happy and joyful is just as good. Being positive is always a great thing, and can get you pretty far. By mixing your realistic ways with optimism, youíll feel like a completely different person, one with drive and more energy. Let the positivity shine through and see just how far itíll take you!

Youíll want to communicate your thoughts in December, and you know what you have to say is important. Sharing your thoughts and ideas isnít typically your cup of tea, as you like to keep many of these things to yourself regularly. But, this month, itíll feel good to share what youíre thinking with a group of people, whether it be co-workers or loved ones. Even if you say something that could be particularly embarrassing, youíll be able to laugh it off and move on now, as the thought of that doesnít mortify you right now. Let your ideas flow through.

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