2015 Horoscope Capricorn

2015 horoscope capricorn
The year of 2015 may seem grey, dull and joyless to the Capricorn under the condition that they donít make at least the smallest effort to distract themselves form what they love the most Ė their job. Many of you in 2015 will be able to feel the burden of the responsibility youíve placed on your shoulders and have been carrying despite it all: itís as if the world with all its diversity and wonders Ė the world for which youíve stepped onto this path Ė has never existed outside your windows. The very realization of you trying to solve someone elseís problem is not enough anymore; neither is whatís going on around you! Itís either the hopelessness or the uncertainty that is oppressing you now and you canít even find words to express it all. Itís all because you simply donít have an answer to the main question that has been bugging you: why are you here? Why are you who you are? What is the purpose of all the hassle around you? Whatís the meaning of your life, what is its purpose? Deep inside on the subconscious level you know there must be the overarching power uniting all living things and connecting you to the world around you and even the creatures of the past. You can see that this power is timeless as the world itself; that it can turn the darkness into light, find truth in lies and spread life where death was! But for some odd reason you, dear Capricorn, canít seem to do the simplest thingÖ that is to admit to yourself that you are a part of this circle of life; that you, similar to everything around you, are a part of the same larger world. Oh wellÖ Your patron planet Saturn which will shift to the Zodiac of Sagittarius in early 2015 can make you more isolated and less socially active. One can even say that youíll reach the point when itíll be necessary to analyze the past years, make certain conclusions and build new plans. This will require time and solitude: only then youíll be able to find right answers to burning questions; moreover, each question must get a decent answer!

Itís not clear what Capricorn will wind up spending most time on: self-analysis, comprehending its own self, finding inner peace or simply a job. One thing is for certain, though: in 2015 you absolutely have to allow yourself some fun, time off and the days when youíll be able to forget about everyday hustle and boring routine. This year you, dear Capricorn, may get so busy with routine chores that youíll completely forget about yourselves.

But, life goes on, so apart from active soul searching, in the first half of 2015 Capricorn will have to solve financial problems associated with credit, loan payments and/or mortgages. An unconventional approach will guarantee success. What you will probably have to do is to find a way to have manageable payments and make sure interest vs. principle ratio is reasonable. Also, your horoscope for 2015 has all indications that in the first half of the year you can make large acquisition in credit. Moreover, responsible treatment of your finances is not going to negatively impact your personal budget. Donít be watching your every penny; pamper yourself!

In the second half of 2015 when Jupiter moves into the Zodiac of Virgo you will finally have had enough of everyday chores; you will then crave new experiences. Trips abroad, pilgrimage, travels including those arranged on your own will do just fine. Theyíll provide for lots of positive impressions as well as let you feel like Robinson Crusoe who found his salvation. Some of you will have to tackle educational needs in the second half of 2015. You may feel eager to urgently fill your knowledge storage with new information. Refresher courses, going after a post-graduate degree (including on top of those you already have) or a doctorate Ė this is the way for you. New knowledge will let you conquer new professional heights in the future Ė donít say no to an opportunity to get it.

Additional Information for 2015 Capricorn Horoscope

Those of you born from January 3 to January 9 will feel the impact of Uranus Ė the planet of reforms, innovations and changes. Keeping in mind your character and your unwillingness to change your settled routine, you may painfully respond to all the changes Uranus will bring. However, if you donít resist new things introduced into your life, youíll see that in reality all changes are only for the better. Be more flexible and responsive to new trends.

If you were born in the period of December 27-31, you will notice your creative ardor becoming more pronounced. In 2015 the talents that have been dormant for many years will suddenly come to the surface in the most unusual ways. Donít try to restrain what tries to burst through to the surface and cries for realization. Keep in mind it is never late to start painting canvases, learn to play the drums or start writing poems. This will help you add more color and excitement to your monotonous days, give you a chance to tap into your talent and who knows, maybe even become famous.

The Capricorn born in the period of January 4-11 have all the chances to successfully arrange their personal life. If you have been dreaming of finding your other half and true family happiness, donít lose such an opportunity Ė show at least some initiative in this direction. Married Capricorn will notice the relations with their spouses growing warmer, more intimate and romantic.

Those of you who were born on any other day will enjoy an opportunity to make plans for the future and experience the brightest emotions in every meaning of this word.

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