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2016 April Horoscope

Free April 2016 monthly Horoscope

Monthly April 2016 Horoscope
Monthly April 2016 Horoscope

The second month of the spring of 2016 for the majority of the signs of the classical (European) zodiac system will be a fairly successful time, full of a wide variety of events. Most likely there won't be many negative situations, and the most dangerous ones among them (to a relative degree) will be those that are caused by the position of Mercury and, to a lesser extent, Venus. It is these two planets that in April of 2016 will have a clearly negative vector of influence. Their emanations are unlikely to be particularly strong, and the dynamics of their impact will not rise above average, but, as they say, forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, if you "turn a deaf ear" to this situation, you can easily fall into a trap, and there will be no one for you to blame but yourself. Thus, throughout the current period you will still need to stay a bit vigilant, especially in your sensory-emotional sphere. In terms of work everything will turn out to be highly positively; isn't it amazing? So Mercury has deserved the right to be called the lord of trade routes. Despite the openly negative position of "the heavenly merchant" in April, most of your transactions will be viewed as a full-scale success, as long as you don't let the situation get out of your control, of course.

Saturn and Mars will be the main patrons of the human race at this stage. In some cases, the Sun will shower us with its beams of attention, and the impact of the permanent lord will be strong, though unstable, so we should not rely on it too much. It is fundamental to understand that for many zodiac signs April of 2016 will be a long-awaited time. You will discover in yourself and in front of you new opportunities that you have long been waiting for. You will shake off the torpor that for so many months did not allow you to work in full force and to implement all your ideas in the form you wanted them. This is a month of change, dramatic or consistent; now it primarily depends only on you. It's good to know that among all the objects in the solar system your allies will now be particularly strong. But do not forget that the stars will hardly do anything for you. The situation you'll face in April will depend only on your own activity and determination. It is logical to make a particular emphasis on your social skills, that is, even for achieving purely technical objectives you will now need to communicate a lot. Actually, this is where the main phenomenon of the current phase lies: you'll attain most of your successes solely in material and technical areas, but the most efficient methods for achieving them will be your social ones. Fire and foremost we are talking about verbal communication between people. That is why the current stage will be the hardest for sociopaths and those who are not very fond of people of their own kind (such as Dr. House, for example).

As far as the "heavenly leaders" are concerned, the fire trine will be favored by Mars, whereas Saturn will side with the Earth trine. In both cases, the result will be the same: the performance of the representatives of the aforementioned elements will significantly increase; they will become more assertive and more pivotal in their decisions and more confident in themselves. In its turn, the air trine will draw Uranus to its side, a patron no less bright and strong. It is difficult to say how univocal the influence of this extraordinary planet will be, but there is no doubt that the representatives of the air element will feel its beneficial effects in the first days of the month. The Moon will be an additional patron for the signs of the Water element; this will allow Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces to reveal their spiritual potential and actually move to a new level of awareness.

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