Horoscope for August 2016

2016 August Horoscope

Free August 2016 monthly Horoscope

Monthly August 2016 Horoscope
Monthly August 2016 Horoscope

The final month of summer of 2016 will be a bright, exceptionally positive and at the same time incredibly harmonious period for practically all zodiac signs. The dynamics of solar emanations will be especially high now, resulting in overall constructive energy levels, which will easily neutralize the lion's share of potentially negative impacts, so to say, in the automatic mode. Despite the fact that we are talking about the so-called "vacation season", in August of 2016 you're unlikely to have much time for relaxing, because the position of Mercury and Mars, our main protagonists in the given period, call for the most vigorous actions, especially in your working direction. So it is better not to plan any vacations and other "breaks" during this month. Although, of course, nobody can forbid you from doing this, right? But then you'll strongly regret your decision when you see how many opportunities you've missed (and how much your colleagues have gained). Let's not dwell on bad news! Because now everything is in bloom! You're full of energy and ready for battle! That is why, with the support from the Red Warrior and the "main celestial trader " you should boldly march towards conquering your financial plans, career heights and all other materialistic aspirations. Of course, you shouldn't forget about your sensual and spiritual development, but now, frankly speaking, all this will move to the sidelines and give way to more pragmatic goals.

It's fair to say that despite the overall exceptionally positive mood of the month, August of 2016 will not be deprived of some pitfalls (otherwise, life would be boring!). First and foremost, it's worth mentioning the influence of Venus, this rather strong and, let's say, opinionated planet. It's very bizarre that the priestess of heaven will focus its energy impulses not on the field of your personal relationships, as it should, but somewhere in the vicinity of your working sphere. This situation is startling and ambiguous, and that's what makes it potentially dangerous. Be vigilant and careful when signing any major contracts. Do not "procrastinate," but at the same time, proceed carefully and consistently. No one will punish you for the delay, but any error could cost you a lot. Also, don't let your guard down in the sensory-emotional sphere, although here everything should be much calmer and safer. Pluto won't be strong enough to cause you real problems, so you'll end up with some routine concerns, minor quarrels and fairly standard anxieties. It goes without saying that you'll need to attend to these issues, otherwise something irreparable may happen. After all, all these minor problems have one incredibly nasty habit of accumulating. And what is easier to deal with: individual fingers or a fist?

As far as the "heavenly leaders" are concerned, in August of 2016 the water elements (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will have the Moon on their side, and it would be an incredibly huge bonus second to none. The second place goes to the fire trine (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), which will acquire Uranus as an additional patron, the planet that is rather ambiguous, but sometimes able "to come up" with real "pearls." The air trine (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) may show off by having Mercury on its side, yes, the same Mercury that will now help all the inhabitants of the earth without exception. It turns out the lord of heaven and earth trade routes has picked its favorites. But we're not in the fifth grade, so there's no need to be jealous, is there?... The "heavenly leader" of the earth trine (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will be Saturn, the mighty and unshakeable. It is difficult to predict the benefits that this object of the solar system will shower humankind with at the current stage, but it will clearly bring about some positive aspects. To sum it all up, August, in general, will prove to be a rather positive and successful time for all of us.

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