Taurus Horoscope for July 2016

July 2016 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for July 2016

Monthly July 2016 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly July 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

Representatives of the zodiac sign Taurus at the pinnacle of the summer season will find themselves in a sufficiently stable position, which, meanwhile, will be characterized by not only positive descriptive adjectives. In July of 2016 the Moon, which traditionally serves as the planet-exaltation of this sign, will be seriously enhanced due to its planetary position. As a result, you will definitely won't experience problems with your vitality, which will be a huge bonus. On the other hand, Pluto and Saturn, responsible for the "expulsion" and the "fall" of Taurus respectively, will be also strengthened. Venus, your ruler, will try to neutralize the majority of negative energy fluids, but it won't provide you with any guarantees of total success. In general, we are talking about the life stage where the lion's share of the events occurring around you will depend on how well and consistently you've been moving towards your goal during the previous cycle (previous month, several months, or even years this issue is rather individual). Roughly speaking, we're talking about karma. That is, during the second month of summer you will get a well-deserved award, or perhaps on the contrary, will suffer a punishment. But if you are confident in yourself, you have nothing to fear.

In the working sphere, in July of 2016 people born under the sign Taurus will feel some sort of pressure, not only from abstract circumstances but also from definitive personalities. Be especially vigilant while dealing with your colleagues, especially in cases of informal communication. If someone invited you "for a drink" after work, think at least twice before accepting the offer. This is a good enough reason for increasing your vigilance. Do not be afraid of danger and uncertainty, because danger can always be avoided, and whatever is unknown has a tendency to become "known" with some effort on your part. If you hold a managerial position, try not to be distracted by external problems and focus on your primary task. Keep moving towards it, relentlessly, methodically, and consistently. Despite the increased dynamics of the current stage, any rush will be out of place in this situation. At other times, refrain from making hasty decisions, even if they seem obvious. On the other hand, slowing down the production process too much because of your own insecurity and diffidence will be even a bigger mistake. Rely on your experience and all the problems will be avoided.

The "love life" in July of 2016 will hardly bring any exceptional events to the life of Taurus. Overall, this side of life for the representatives of this sign will be sufficiently stable, but, perhaps, the key events will seem overly "feeble", which will be far from meeting your expectations. And as has already been mentioned at the beginning of this article, it'll be the fault of your previously committed actions. It is not difficult to guess that in order to remedy the situation you must thoroughly delve into your past, find out the "root of the evil" and swiftly eliminate as much of it as possible. In relations with your significant other, try to abstain from constantly taking on the role of the leader, perhaps, at some point it's actually worth it to share the throne? But, of course, equality is out of the question, because it has been proven a long time ago that it is outright nonsense. Remember that two people in a relationship can never be equal, otherwise their relationship will quickly come to an end. Therefore, be patient and consistent. Do not try to constantly speed up events, and remember to give a little more freedom to people around you.

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