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September 2016 monthly horoscope
The first month of autumn of 2016 will be not particularly harmonious in terms of overall energy levels of the Earth, and, nevertheless, each trine will have a chance, so to speak, to express themselves. After a peaceful and quiet forest lake known as August, September will appear to be a real avalanche, full of the most striking and unusual situations. The Sun, the perpetual ruler of the vault of heaven, will play the leading role here. As befits the King of the Stars, at this stage the Sun will be characterized by extremely powerful and dominant dynamics, so that all other celestial objects of the solar system will find themselves in a self-defeating position. At the same time, the positive position of Saturn should be taken into account, which at this stage will have an incredibly positive impact on all zodiac signs without exception. As a result, weíll observe a good and fruitful tandem, which will provide enhanced dynamics of astronomical emanations in September. It will be a positive and unforgettable time, which will flourish with its own set of colors and unique fundamental life events for each zodiac sign. On the other hand, if thatís what you want, youíll be able to turn any raging tide into a calm and peaceful swamp, you just need to distance yourself from everything and Ö go on vacation.

Among the celestial objects negatively-tuned towards the inhabitants of the earth, in September of 2016 it is worth noting Pluto in the first place. This dark planet is unlikely to be able to compete with the Sun or Saturn, but it would be unwise to ignore its negative emanations that will extremely resemble "knife strikes." Thatís what Pluto is notorious for; it strikes directly, methodically and in the most painful spots. At the same time representatives of the fair sex should be particularly careful, because Venus, figuratively speaking, will step on the warpath. This means that now the probability of short-term love affairs is especially high, and the end of these relationships will inevitably be agonizing and painful, though certainly bright. So you'll have to think three times before opening your soul to the first "pretty boy" you encounter. It is unlikely that any other planet will have the same negative impact on you like the one coming from Pluto and Venus, but these two characters will be enough to destabilize any situation. This will happen, of course, if you let it, by doing nothing and neglecting all the potential dangers and controversies. During this active time it is recommended to act aggressively, but with caution, that is, quickly changing the pivot points and directions of action. This will allow you to get the most benefits and energy "bonuses" throughout the current phase.

As far as the "heavenly leaders" are concerned, in September of 2016 the air trine (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and the trine the Earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will be deprived of additional patrons. As usual, itís difficult to characterize this situation unequivocally. On the one hand, it is not too significant a loss, simply because we are talking about additional bonuses rather that the main ones. At the same time, another "tool" in the fight with the vehement Pluto would come in handy. In their turn, the water trine (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will have Mars at their disposal, which is atypical of the water signs, but in the end will turn out to be productive. The fire trine (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will have the Sun at their disposal, which is quite natural for these representatives. That is why in September the fire signs will have special and really significant benefits, which, as they say, will be foolish not to take advantage of. And in general, at this stage it is necessary to act as brighter and more spectacular as possible; if you do so, the results at the end of the third decade of the month will be simply astounding.

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