Aquarius Horoscope for December 2017

December 2017 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for December 2017

Monthly December 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly December 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

On the 1st, Venus transits to your 11th house of friendships, and she will remain here until December 25th. If you are a single Aquarius, you have a good chance of meeting someone special through a mutual friend. You will especially enjoy going out this month, and the social scene is ready to take you on! Instead of feeling connected with romance, you will focus more on friendships and the love within your platonic relationships. You realize that you love being around others, regardless of sexual attraction, and it is important for you to feel this love flowing both ways. If you are an Aquarius in a relationship, chances are you and your partner will do a lot of double dating this month! You will also emphasize being around others with your partner, rather than just alone time with the two of you. Overall, the month will be social, exciting, and quite friendly, dear Aquarius!

Mercury retrogrades in your 11th house starting on the 3rd. When the planet of communication retrogrades in the house of friendships and groups, you will realize that you need to rely more on your friend groups to support you right now. You are so good at being there for others, but now they need to be there for you! If you have a strong friend group that will provide you with the love you need, seek this out, and allow yourself to receive help. If there is an issue that is bothering you that may need more psychological support, find a support group in your area. You may get real catharsis when others understand and can empathize with your situation. You might feel very sensitive during this month, so make sure that you take the steps necessary to support your emotional health. You are incredibly independent, so this might be challenging for you, but it is in your best interest, dear Aquarius.

Since October, Jupiter has been in your 10th house of career and accomplishments. You are predicted to have excellent career projections over the next year, and will be recognized for the hard work you have done. You may be somewhat in the public eye, or at least highly acclaimed by your colleagues. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and he will ensure that you find as many opportunities to achieve your professional goals. You will be presented with more opportunities for work than ever before, and will be received very well by prospective employers. You will be working quite hard over the next year to achieve your desires, and Jupiter will certainly make this happen as quickly as possible!

On the 9th, Mars enters your 10th house of career and professional pursuits. He supports Jupiter here, and you will get an extra push this month due to this auspicious alignment. Your energy is super focused on achieving your highest potential at work, and you will be setting yourself up for success this month. No matter how outstanding the outcome is, you will still feel like it isn't enough. You will be a perfectionist to a fault this month, lovely Aquarius. You might feel extra aggressive in your job as well, advocating strongly for something you believe in. You may also feel disagreeable with your coworkers, feeling as though you have a better way to approach a situation. You will be a natural and fearless leader during December, taking action whenever you can to achieve your goals.

For the past few years Saturn has been in your 11th house of friendships, causing some discourse in your social life. You may have fallen out of touch with people who you thought were friends, and had to shed some issues from past relationships. This alignment did not come without its positives, though, and you may have gained a serious, true friend or two along the way. You have been working in your relationships with friends, groups, and organizations the most. This house governs the social dynamics of your relationships. Because of your friendly nature, dear Aquarius, you have hopefully made some intimate connections along the way, and have found deeper ties within the field or organization you work for.

Saturn moves into your 12th house on the 20th of December. The 12th house governs your subconscious and highly spiritual activities. You will be extra generous, open minded, and giving to others, and you will want to help everyone you can, no matter how sticky the situation is. In this alignment, you feel confident in your abilities to support and assist others during challenging times. You will attract people from different backgrounds here, especially those who are often misunderstood. You are accepting of others to a fault in this house, so make sure they do not take advantage of your kindness. While Saturn is generous to others here, you will need to do extra work when it comes to self-acceptance and love. This alignment may make you highly critical and doubtful of yourself, as you will examine how your higher self-manifests in your outer world. The Universe encourages you to be as kind to yourself as you are to others this month. We are all growing and learning! There will also be a great improvement in terms of finances once Saturn settles into your 12th house in Capricorn. You will enter a period of prosperity and gains, and this will gradually improve over the next 2.5 years.

The planets are in the upper half of your chart, with almost all transiting through your 10th, 11th, and 12th houses this month. You are highly focused on career, friendships, and spirituality. Your health will be excellent all month, given that your planets are in lucky alignments for physical energy and mental stability. Your best day will be the 21st of this month, as it is the culmination of two planets entering your spiritual house. Have a wonderful month of December!

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