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Oriental 2018 Horoscope Pig, for the Yellow Earth DOG Year

The Pig will stride haughtily in 2018, not noticing that the judgmental glare of the Yellow Dog is directed against it. This judgment will become clearer and more severe from day to day, if the Pig continues to use this 'policy' which has characterized it in recent annual cycles. Representatives of this sign have grown used to Fate generously giving them blessings, and that they often do not deserve these blessings. The Dog, however, is not accustomed to giving anyone anything without demanding a certain task from them. The Pig will not understand this, and will be sincerely perplexed by the fact that his life has not taken a turn for the best in 2018.

Pig 2018 Horoscope for the Yellow Earth Dog Year

Pig 2018 Horoscope

And this will be at a moment when literally everything depends solely on the Pig itself! Instead of blaming everything and everyone for their failures, Pigs should leave their comfort zones and start making an active effort for the good of their bright futures. Only in this way will representatives of this sign secure the respect of the strict Dog.

It would be good if already in the first half of this annual cycle, the Pig would realize that the time has come to renounce its childish behavior. In this case you will manage to attain a number of major and minor victories in the areas of life which are at the top of your priority. All you need is to look from the outside and admit honestly that you have handed over the control of your life and your fate to changing circumstances in vain. Yes, of course, you are still free to navigate the rough waters, praying that you will not be touched by the storms. But you are also free to prevent any storm, any ferocious tempest, the moment you renounce your childish behavior!

Very little will be required of you in order to eradicate this trait. First you will have to make yourself a list of all your incomplete tasks, then you need to leave your comfortable couch, in order to start working on this list. The moment you make such a decision, the Dog will immediately agree to support you. You will even receive certain bonuses from it in the form of unexpected meetings and acquaintances, which will give you significant help in the implementation of your idea. The Pig is an open and friendly sign, but they are usually surrounded by equally idle personalities. In 2018 you will have to reassess your circle of close friends. Say goodbye to people who constantly hold you back, who interfere with your personal development. In doing so, you will free up a lot of free time, and you will really need this during the period of the Yellow Dog's reign!

Of course, it's difficult to reform everything in just a few months, especially if you have not been in the habit of directing any particular effort toward it in the past. You shouldn't expect your career to take off straight away, the moment you have such a desire. No, before you make any major career jump, you will have to invest a lot of effort. If you are willing to stay late at work, if you are not afraid of working on urgent deadlines on the weekend, if you are not afraid of being considered a workaholic by your colleagues, then move forward boldly, towards the career Olympus! Decide on the slow path, which probably won't end this year. Nevertheless, with the right catalyst, during the period of the Yellow Dog's reign you will manage to strengthen your professional authority and get a large salary increase.

When talking about your finances, it would be wrong not to mention an aspect as important as your unplanned expenses. As a rule, Pigs do not make their budget too sustainable. It's not a new situation for them to find themselves at the end of the month with a financial deficit, which forces them to start skimping and saving on everything. In 2018 you will become a lot wiser. By following the whisperings of the Dog, you will eradicate your unreasonable obsession with material things, and all of your purchases will have a specific function. From time to time, the attraction towards luxury and spontaneous purchases will overcome your better judgment. In these moments, paintings from unknown artists, strange statuettes or clothes which you will probably never wear may appear in your house. Well, such purchases should not be able to deplete your budget (unless, of course, you make such purchases regularly).

On the whole, Pigs will learn to appreciate and respect all the advice they receive from the Yellow Dog. Under the influence of their wise educator, representatives of this sign will have a new appreciation for their personal lives too. If you are single and have had futile searches for love in the past, the Dog will introduce extreme clarity in this regard. You will stop looking for reasons for your failures among the people who kept you in unhappy romantic relationships. No longer will you frequently list their numerous shortcomings, which were actually nothing more than a figment of your imagination. In the process of deep contemplation of existential problems, you will suddenly understand that the person you 'dumped' just like that, on account of imagined flaws, was practically ideal. And a little bit later you will prove to the world that it is still possible to set foot in the same river twice. You will restart this romance, at the same time implementing a lot of improvements and changes. Now your partner will not hear words from you which destroy their dignity, and in return you will receive passion and romance. The harmony and mutual respect will settle down firmly in your home environment, which you will spend all your holidays and weekends building.

Married Pigs will make significantly fewer discoveries this year. Your plan for the future will be quite simple - you need to work, to save, and from time to time you need to let yourself have fun. Pigs know how to rest better and more colorfully than everyone else, and it's not without reason that your colleagues admire you for this trait. If you intend to devote 2018 to active professional work, you will have to say no entertainment that is too frequent. On the other hand, you will have another way to enjoy yourself, in an interesting and useful way, namely time with your immediate family. This time will be priceless. Long evenings devoted to leisurely conversations and making plans for the future, occasional banquets for relatives and friends, exciting travels with the goal of visiting new locations, as well as relaxed work on a plot of land - this would be the ideal form of recreation for you and your partner to have together.

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