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The first month of 2018 will be the start of a new emotional cycle. This wintry period will give us the opportunity to reassess many things about our own principles, our attitudes to the developments taking place around us. But you must understand properly what this means: there won't be any global rearrangements (that is, the likelihood of them appearing is extremely low), there won't be any exceptional circumstances requiring outstanding efforts (or expenditure). What this means is that January this year will bring us new understanding, new emotions. Some people will probably have to renounce their habitual ways, and some will perceive such an opportunity with joy, since it is possible to renounce the old, well-worn options and look at the world afresh. Even if this new perspective is the notorious rose-colored glasses, there won't be anything wrong with that, because the year of the Yellow dog will be wholly and thoroughly saturated with positivity, belief in the future and in humanity. This will not be a time of transformation, this will be a time of reassessment. In January 2018 the Sun will take a dominating position, and its helpers will be the Moon and Saturn interchangeably, which will give significant advantages to most of the Zodiac signs. In a certain sense, despite the blatantly low dynamics, this time could be decisive for us, even radical. How to understand that we may lose our chance and that the modest potential opportunities are actually vitally necessary for us? It's a delicate matter.

In order to understand more accurately how January 2018 will be, we must turn to the celestial patrons of the elements. The Moon will be such a patron for signs of Water, and this is an exclusively positive aspect, since the Sun's younger sister will, amongst other things, periodically take up a leadership position in the sky. This means that Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be able to fully enjoy the present stage. Even if certain difficulties await them on their life path, they need not worry for this reason: everything will calm down quickly. On the other hand, as is well known, rolling stones gather no moss. Signs of fire could receive special advantages only at certain moments, because their "heavenly leader" will be Pluto. The dark planet is particularly powerful in the midst of winter, and so its effect will be very powerful. But Aries, Leo and Sagittarius should be careful, because there is a chance of overestimating their chances. This is unlikely to result in serious problems, and it will still be necessary to make an effort to be guided by objectivity. Mars will be the "heavenly leader" for the elements of Earth and Air, which is quite surprising for two reasons. Firstly, these are antagonistic elements, but they now have one and the same patron. Secondly, the Red Planet is not particularly fond of becoming anyone's additional helper, but nevertheless it has no choice in this regard. So Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius can count on a burst of energy at the necessary moment. They will also truly be able to resolve conflicts quickly and properly, often not with their traditional methods.

On the whole, January 2018 will be literally charged with positive emotions. During this time, many people will finally be able to calm down and get in tune to the right mood. This doesn't mean that we can all expect quiet harmony, an absolute balance of forces and sleepy oblivion. You see, it's all relative. Of course, a lot will depend on us ourselves, especially since far from all of the celestial trends will be as positive. For example, despite the fact that she will essentially be on our side in the "emotional" year, Venus may sometimes turn her back on the inhabitants of the Earth, with everything arising from that, so to speak. This means that at certain moments we may encounter a lack of understanding, even among our close friends. But under no circumstances should we put pressure on them, because Uranus will be on the side of the Heavenly Priestess, and his influence will be unwavering. Nevertheless, by acting steadily and attentively, it would be quite realistic to avoid any negativity, no matter how hard it is to perceive. In general, January 2018 will be particularly interesting in this regard. Much later, in the coming time cycles, we will find out about many potential dangers which could have changed everything for the worse, but for some reason or other did not do so.

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