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March, 2018 turns out to be interesting and dynamic month for the majority of zodiac signs. On this stage, Venus and Mercury will be occupying leading positions, meaning there will be plenty of action going on in both personal and professional aspects of your life. The main thing is to know your limits in order not to find yourself trapped in complicated situations. You might be surrounded by a multitude of temptations that can turn out to be illusive. You simply might end up spending your energy and nerves receiving...well, receiving nothing in the end. But you can't get rid of the problem by just bailing on it and on yourself. If you are going to lie around enjoying the blissful do-nothing state, then the Fortune might, indeed, turn her back on you. Make sure to be attentive and to consider this potential threat, trying to avoid it or maybe even to neutralize it (with Mars' dynamics helping out!). There is definitely something to be said about March being significantly different than January and February for the majority of people out there. Serenity will be replaced by confidence and activism, appeasement will be replaced by ambitiousness, while idleness will be replaced by elevated efficiency. At the same time, the overall level of your productivity will slightly recede to corresponding indicators observed in 2016-2017. It is a peculiarity of the Yellow Dog's year, and there is nothing much to do about it. But it should not turn into that much of a problem because we will not genuinely care about what particularly is being done around us.

It is important to note that in March, 2018 every zodiac element will have at their disposal a so-called "celestial leader": that is, an additional stellar patron. It is a truly notable fact, because by bringing them to your attention you are referring to them as help providers that can assist you in tipping the scale to your side in case of critical need. You just need to get a clear understanding of their working principle. For the Fire element representatives (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), Venus will assume the role of stellar patron, taking into account that this planet's dominating position on the sky bend has nothing to do with her current status for the aforementioned signs. For those being protected by "celestial priestess" it is definitely recommended to listen to their hearts, toning down the voices of their minds (though it makes sense to have a critical approach to every situation because everything is relative). Moon will turn into "celestial leader" for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, which collectively represent element Earth. For these signs it is better to concentrate on the most important things. Otherwise, secondary problems will capture their entire focus and easily derail them.

The signs representing Air element (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be assisted by Sun. Though the overall solar dynamics won't be that big (especially in comparison with the previous stages), Sun is still a good patron that will provide new opportunities, in particular alternative ones which were unnoticed before.

Water element (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) representatives can freely rely on Saturn, which rarely has direct relevance to the representatives of this triad. Anyway, the God of Time will remind Water signs about something important and will teach you how to use their own past experiences.

In general, March, 2018 will surprise the majority of us to a greater extent in a positive way. It is a good time for finishing up some projects and for setting up some fundamentally different objectives. Now you can initiate some dramatic changes in trying to revise your life attitude. This period could likely turn out to be particularly good for someone especially interested in his personal life. This year's March will be a convenient one (yes, the most correct word to use in this context is convenient) to begin new relationships or to bring the old ones to an end.

On the other hand, even if everything seems to be easy-peasy, it doesn't mean that we should quit looking out for rationale or the so-called "double bottom". The current month might turn out to be not that straightforward. Furthermore, Neptune's negative positioning (sometimes in conjunction with Moon) can be quite detrimental for new beginnings that are not driven by sufficient levels of motivation and confidence. It means that sometimes (and we will probably understand for ourselves when such moment takes place) we need to ensure some support from whoever we can reach out to. Cooperation and thoughtful planning allow us to overcome even the most negative circumstances, though strictly speaking, the probability of their emergence is not that high. This is especially true if we try to keep our eyes open and, frankly, avoid being nearsighted.

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