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The second spring month, May 2018, will become an important life period for many zodiac sign representatives, which special attention should be paid to. The fact is that now the inhabitants of the planet Earth will have as many as three heavenly patrons whose influence on our life will be exceptionally powerful and steady. These heavenly patrons are the Sun, Eris and Uranus. This triad has a rather unconventional spectrum of characteristics, and in particular at this stage we will have to equally distribute all our strength, attention and resources between all spheres of our life. If anything gets accidentally or purposefully skewed, it will lead to irreparable consequences. It is not that in case you decide to pay more attention to work rather than to your family that you might end up failing to do anything; there is just some additional pressure appearing because of it, which in combination with other factors will have some unpleasant effect on you. Therefore, do not neglect the desire for balance and harmony, especially considering that in May all of us will have a lot of opportunities and abundant levels of energy. It is the way it is, and you need to use this opportunity wisely. It is also worth mentioning that May will be a very communicative period - you are likely to meet a lot of new people and might end up becoming close friends with some of them. Many people can find true friends and allies. Some people will have excellent partners at their disposal, reliable and skillful ones to help them out in their work. Of course, it's also possible to say a lot of good things about the affairs of love, although here everything depends more on us.

From the point of view of additional stellar patrons (which are also called "celestial leaders" in modern astrological systems), in May 2018 only the signs of the Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will not be lucky. Although, the descriptive phrase "not be lucky" is unlikely to be completely applicable here, because it is not about a critical position that can cause some frankly fundamental changes in the surrounding reality. It is just that with other things being equal, Fire signs will have to try a little more than all the other signs to reach the same results. But this does not mean that the signs of Fire element are now considered to be outsiders, or that they have fewer opportunities available. Moon will turn into Earth signs' (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) "heavenly leader", and Moon is a good helper in teaching you to control your feelings. Such support is especially important taking into account that communication (at the work level) and mutual understanding (at the family level) will now have special significance for each of us, and any assistance in this sense will be very helpful. Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will be at the mercy of Mercury, which is also a good ally who tends to concentrate its support in financial and business spheres, and not in the field of forming love relations and friendships. Of course, such an advantage still needs to be used competently, and not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. On the other hand, stars will provide support at the right time and in the right place.

Anyway, May 2018 will be a promising time for the majority of zodiacal sign representatives. There is no need to focus on a specific direction; it is logical and fair to give equal preference to each sphere, but each in its own way. This means that the flexibility of thinking and adaptability will obviously be handy, especially if there is a desire to achieve some incredible heights. It is quite real! Each of us really can get a promotion at work, and an increase in income, and an improvement in the family atmosphere. Of course, each area will naturally require its own specific approach and there will not be two identical paths to follow, but this only makes everything much more interesting, exciting, and intriguing. Another question is that in addition to dynamism, this period can bring us some difficulties. Mars not being in the most favorable position can provoke some conflicts, especially those types of conflicts that are not that easy to settle down right away. You will have to waste energy and nerves in order to stabilize these situations. There won't be any truly unresolvable situation, but it's better not to provoke a conflict because such developments will not lead to anything good. Now it's better to stay calm, especially when you can see that the situation is heating up.

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