Scorpio Horoscope for October 2018

October 2018 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for October 2018

Monthly October 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

Moon's unsuccessful position can create some problems for Scorpios, while Venus, usually responsible for "expelling" this sign, will remain neutral, due to an amazing coincidence of circumstances. Pluto will turn into your supporter, which is a good thing to happen, because any kind of support is important during this period. However, you should not worry - there are no truly serious difficulties waiting for you. To be more precise, it is important to note that difficult situations can take place, but they will not be caused by external factors and circumstances, but by your own mistakes. Those mistakes are quite possible to avoid. You should not take any risks during this period. The main difficulty is deciding whether you should prioritize feelings or sentiments of mind. In addition, your friends will start occupying leading roles in your life during October 2018. With all other things being equal, they are the only ones whom you can trust, open up to with your thoughts, and seek advice or help. You can't say the same things about any of your colleagues, distant relatives, new acquaintances or "reliable" partners under any circumstances. Trust only those ones who have shared many different struggles with you. This is a very important point that can easily define your long-term future. In general, the second fall month is unlikely to stress you, so there is no point in trying to being patient or storing bottles of sedatives. The only thing required from you is to remain objective.

It should be noted that October 2018 is very successful for Scorpios in relation to financial questions. You can really earn a good profit if you try. However, let us repeat one more time: do not invest in doubtful projects, and do not play with fate. Do not let others set you up, and do not show your weakness and dependence on something under any circumstances. All these warnings are more relevant for Scorpios who have their own business. Now they need to be flexible, but consistent. If you know exactly what is expected of you and you are competent enough in handling your business, then third-party opinions should not bother you at all. Be self-sufficient. Right now it is not necessary to deal with HR-related issues, but it quite realistic and even necessary to think about some expansion plans. You might have to go back to some projects that were completed a long time ago but now affect those expansion plans. However, try to be careful, it's important to avoid mistakes. As for the Scorpios who do not work for themselves, this period will be easy and peaceful. The probability of difficult situations emerging in the working sphere is minimal. But, there will be no exceptional opportunities either, although you can try to promote yourself in hopes of attaining a better offer. These tactics can work, though it might take some time in delivering visible results.

In October 2018, love life can surprise Scorpios, not in a critical but rather in a positive way. If we are talking about single persons of this sign, the second fall month will be quite calm and insightful for you. Certainly no one forbids you from go to nightclubs and letting go with a bunch of your friends, but you yourself will gravitate more toward a more observant and thoughtful mood. This is a good tendency, because this approach will provide you with emotional outlets and full relaxation. On the other hand, do not expect any exceptionally vivid and unusual situations to appear along your way; this is not the right time or the right place for them, so just enjoy your unique state. Scorpios with families may find themselves at the very epicenter of events. For you, it may look like a kind of test, because suddenly everyone will start bothering you with questions, requests, and desires. Do not worry about it, and do turn your back on those who demand your attention. Be close to your loved ones, and do not forget about your friends; leave all other experience for some other time. If you encounter a communicative problem, just step back and give the person you are talking to some time, he will make all the necessary adjustments, and you both will end up being satisfied.

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