Sagittarius Horoscope for August 2019

August 2019 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for August 2019

Monthly August 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius, August 2019 will be an exciting month for you, filled with adventure and exuberant energy. You are likely to face some self-doubt along the way, but your courage and your drive will become rather prominent and you should be able to face most obstacles, even those created by yourself.
The first part of August will be the most thrilling, with your energy pushing you to try new things and buck up against anything in your way. You're likely to be easily excited by things that others find only mildly interesting. You will probably be a little put off by the lack of enthusiasm by others, and it's a good idea to hang out with other Fire signs; people who can match your enthusiasm, or risk feeling a bit put out.
The second part of August is likely to find you rather contemplative, but with a new found focus for projects and creative ventures. This will likely be the time to catch up on sleep. You will feel like you have just been through much more than just a couple of weeks. There is a chance you might find yourself doing a little damage control at this time as well, but probably nothing too ghastly to deal with.

Work in the beginning of August will be somewhat frustrating for you as repetitive tasks will seem dull. It's important to step outside of the box and try to attack old problems in new ways. Social distractions are likely and it's best to take structured breaks and not let yourself get swept away by drama and gossip. Setting a timer could help, and voicing that you don't want to take too long of a break could also help; letting others know your boundaries could help you keep them. There is probably going to be some drama happening at work and it's best that you don't get involved, except as a sympathetic ear.
As August continues, you will find yourself feeling more settled and ready to get the nitty-gritty work done. You aren't going to shy away from projects that seem intimidating and will tackle things others will not. You are likely to have a good team behind you to help, though, and will feel good about working with others at this time. There will be a lot less social activity at work, but a little will go a long way to relieve any tension from working so hard. You will feel reluctant to take breaks, Sagittarius, as you will feel like you would lose focus, but it'd be good to stretch your legs and not get too hyper-focused. You'll be able to get right back to it when you're ready.

Socially, you're going to be the life of the party or pretty near to it, Sagittarius, and you're likely to love every minute of it. Careful to not burn out as you will likely be out most nights and will have to set aside some time for yourself. There will be a lot of invites to choose from, and you shouldn't have a problem following your gut on where you want to go and who you want to be with. Do keep an eye on the invite list, as there could be some clashing of personalities. You're likely to have a good idea of what sorts of people mix with other sorts of people and which really don't. Avoid things that look like they will end badly. Hanging out with people who are not competitive for attention, but just simply love to be awesome with you is important. It's a special kind of balance you know very well.
As August continues, you will find your social life will calm down somewhat, with people more likely to come over and help you with house projects than to want to go out. You may feel a little antsy at this time, but it will do you some good to rest up.

Your inner self will find the first part of August to be stimulating and enjoyable. You are likely to ignore warnings of needing some time for introspection. It's good to watch your emotions and see if you overreact to things, as this could be one of those warnings.
As August progresses, you are likely to find some peace in your home by organizing and working on small projects. You may find that inviting friends over to help will aid in your focus. You will be very pleased with the outcome of these ventures, with your inner self feeling more put together as well as the environment around you.
Overall, August will be a month of fun and light-hearted times, but there is a dark undertone that you may slip in if you ignore your own needs, Sagittarius, so be cautious in your enjoyment of the moment.

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