Sagittarius Horoscope for December 2019

December 2019 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for December 2019

Monthly December 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

There is a wonderful gift in the stars for you in December, Sagittarius. A gorgeous new moon will be in your house on December 7th. It's like a gift box from Tiffany's delivered by a secret admirer. And just like that telltale blue box says good things are here to make you fabulous, this moon is a harbinger of good tidings. Its presence means the world is going to start to take notice of how amazing you are. All you have to do is make sure you have your act together and that you put yourself out there. That's your mission for the month of December. There is one added thing, though, you'll need to do: you need to make sure you're asking for what you want when you want it. Sounds simple, right? It's going to be crucial for you in 2020, so for December, we want you to treat it as your practice month. This is your pretest before you take the real exams. Don't panic, you've got this.

It's been hard for you in ways of love this year, Sagittarius. Either you haven't felt appreciated for who you are or the people in your life haven't felt very fulfilling or nurturing (or unfortunately, maybe a little bit of both). That's also made it hard to drop them completely, but maybe such a harsh answer isn't what you need. Instead, we want you to make sure you're taking plenty of β€˜me' time in December. That doesn't just mean being alone. That also means indulging in WHATEVER you feel like you want to do, all away from the gaze of anyone else. The fact is you might have some dead weight in the friend department and you might want to (politely) clean house. No, you're not going to send emails in which you fire your friends, but rather than wait by the email for invitations to things or some sort of kind word, you're going to step away from the computer and take time for yourself.

If there was one place that isn't treating you as fabulously as you should be treated, it's your workplace. You've been slaving away at that place for far, far too long for little recognition. Why don't they recognize the royalty that you are? This is the time to make some big decisions, but don't make any huge moves just yet. Spend some time around the second week of December taking a cold, hard look at your job and how you feel when you're done at the end of the day. Is it draining in a way that isn't giving you any satisfaction? If that's the case, start the process of looking elsewhere. That might just mean making a resume for now. Or just updating your Linkedin profile. Whatever action you do - however small - just start the ball rolling.

That gorgeous new moon is beaming on your shoulders like a lovely mink stole. You're beyond fabulous, Sagittarius, and you have the whole cosmos telling you that all month. That's a fantastic bounty to have and you should consider yourself blessed. For just about everyone, December is the time for reflecting on the past and enjoying the present. It's really no different for you, but you'll want to be just a little more focused on it. Make sure to pencil in some quiet time for yourself. If you're not sure of a date, we'd recommend the 27th. And make it truly quiet: turn off all electronics and stow away all tray tables. Sit down in a comfortable easy chair and stare out the window or at a roaring fire. Pour yourself a nice hot beverage (or something stronger if you'd prefer, maybe you're a martini person) and sit and stare. Just think and reflect on everything you've done and been in this past year. That person is incredible and you want them to go to amazing places. Start thinking about what those places are and what you'll have to do to get to them. 2020 is your year. Make sure you enter into it as the royalty you truly are (and trust that you'll have the moon at your back).

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