August 2020 Horoscope Aquarius

August 2020 Horoscope Aquarius

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Last month was wrought with choices for you, Aquarius, but you’re feeling the benefits of some well-deserved attention as you enter August. Although the spiritual stirrings of July probably left you feeling out of your element, August winds you up with a full moon in your own sign and gets your synapses firing in a way that feels just right. Others are sure to recognize your genius mental capabilities toward the end of the month, and somehow, you seem to always be at the right place at the right time.

As long as you’ve been putting in the hard work, August 3rd's Full Moon in your first house of self opens a promising door to the future. But with your ruling planet Uranus making a harsh square to this moon and the sun in sister-sign Leo, there’s some conflict between your head and your heart. Work on asserting yourself without stepping on everyone else’s toes. You may be tempted to throw a tantrum when things don’t go your way, but it’s best not to let your insecurities get the best of you. Right now you’re testing your ability to be a leader, even when it feels like others could care less about what you need.

The first week of August, watch out for the temptation to make an impulsive purchase. Although your money has been looking good since July, you’ll end up regretting it if you indulge in the superficial.

Your goals are elaborate and magnificent around the 4th when Mercury enters your fifth house of romance and creativity. As the messenger planet darts through fiery Leo, your need for a thrill is coming through loud and clear. Your communication is self-assured and blazing with the regality of a lion.

With so many colorful ideas flying out of your mouth, it’s no surprise that everyone wants a piece of you. If you’re searching for a new love connection, August is the perfect time to put yourself out there.

Even if you aren’t looking for love, tenderness finds you on the 7th when Venus enters Cancer. She travels all month through your fourth house of family to bring nurturing and affection to your home life. This is a highly sensitive and impressionable combo, so you’ll want to renew your bonds with lots of good food, hugs, and chats about the past.

This month favors activities involving a group that shares a common purpose.

On August 11th, the asteroid Vesta enters Leo under the sensual gaze of a last quarter moon in Taurus. Romance feels sacred and sovereign now, but you’re really glowing for yourself rather than for a partner. With your heart, you can paint your life with all the colors of the rainbow.

Finally, you’re making headway and breaking through your own limitations. August 12th brings a quintile between your co-ruler Saturn and wounded healer Chiron which means fear and pain are unavoidable, but this is transpiring to bring you awareness of your own mind’s restrictions. It’s likely a father figure is who stirs up these fears mid-month. To put it simply, it’s time to get out of your own way and let go of the rules that no longer apply.

Your relationship to authority and discipline is coming into play. Have you been purposefully failing or avoiding the responsibility to manipulate someone into no longer expecting great things from you? If so, it’s time to ease up on your inner critic and learn to use limits to your advantage.

This effort to live authentically is critical to your survival of Uranus retrograde. As your ruling planet, Uranus’ five-month backspin through Taurus affects you more than most. Shocking revelations and radical shakeups are opening you to a new paradigm, but you’ll have to wrap your head around what real value is to you. Approach financial storms and relationship drama head-on, even if you find you need to pause before you charge in. As long as you push for the optimal outcomes, you’ll find a few brand-new sources of income and self-worth before the end of the year.

Thanks to the New Moon in Leo on the 18th, you’re stepping into a six-month cycle where you’ll achieve the sense of dignity and belonging you crave. It’s time to merge that double identity of yours and let everyone see even just the tip of your iceberg.

You might even find your truth attracts a significant investment after August 22nd as the Virgo Sun polishes your eighth house of sex, death, and taxes.

This offer could appear on August 25th with the first quarter moon in Sagittarius. Perhaps a group of foreigners or strangers helps you achieve your intentions. Nature in particular encourages you now and gives you the sustenance you need to make connections. As long as you don’t let your fear of being judged get in the way, you’ll have a brand new outlook on kinship as you set your sights on September.

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