2020 Horoscope for Dragon Zodiac Sign

2020 Horoscope Dragon

Chinese 2020 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Dragon, for the 2020 White Metal RAT Year

The 2020 year of the Rat for the Dragon (for those born in the following years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

Every group of friends has that one person they go to when they're in trouble. It's the person who seems to be the most mature and has all the right answers. If you're looking around at your group of friends and can't figure out who that is, odds are good, Dragon, that in 2020 it is you. You may not know it, but you've been a source of support and wisdom to the people around you for a very long time. You have given off an aura of confidence and friendliness for a while now, but the fact that you don't recognize that is a small problem for you. The 2020 year of the Rat is the year in which you are going to acknowledge those traits in yourself and put them to work for - you guessed it - you.

The 2020 White Metal Rat has cast an aura over this entire year, creating challenges for some and removing obstacles for others. For you, Dragon, it's giving you permission to examine and work on yourself. Think of that Rat as a boss who wants everyone at work to spend a day getting checkups, massages, and ice cream. That's a pretty good boss. This doesn't mean it's going to be an easy-going year where pleasure just washes over you. You'll have to exert yourself, certainly. But take some comfort in knowing that all of your actions will have a lasting, positive effect on your health and well being. You'll continue to be a protector and guide for the people around you. They'll all have to wait a moment while you guide and help yourself.

The 2020 year is going to begin with a number of challenges coming to you, possibly all at once. Don't get defeated, though. Consider this the first test of your mettle, as if the year wants to see if you're really the tough guy they've heard you are (spoiler alert: you are). January is going to be a challenging time. Use this experience as a learning moment as you face challenges financially, employment-wise, and in your interpersonal relationships. Don't worry, though. None of these adversaries are going to be lasting ones. Think of them as the ghosts that haunt the entryway of a house. It won't take much to dispel them: just a few swings of your broadsword will do the trick. Don't lose your head. Keep fighting and move on.

February 2020 is when your real challenges will start to appear. Look to your finances to becomes slightly perilous. Please do not use this warning as a suggestion to pull everything out of your bank and stuff dollar bills into your mattress. Rather, keep a watchful eye on both the markets and the world news at large. You are a wise creature so you know to look for larger patterns in the world and the implications they have for you. This is exactly what you need to be doing during this month. Remember how we said that others will be looking to you for wisdom? Keep your ears open for those who are seeking your advice about money and world events. But - and this is crucial - don't offer that advice up unsolicited or for free. Anyone who is smart enough to recognize that you're a good source for knowledge is worth sharing that knowledge with. Do so. They will become worthy acolytes for you later in the year.

You've never known what to do with yourself when spring fever hits everyone else. Always calm and collected, the Dragon has never been one for frivolously chasing crushes or sending valentine. How has that worked for you, Dragon? Have you missed out on a lot of fun? If you are currently in a relationship, why not start sending random gifts here and there? Never anonymously, but always clearly and deliberately from you. There's a softer side that needs to appear this spring, and hopefully occasionally after the spring. What's important is not just that you'd be doing good things for others, but that you notice that you're doing it. Give yourself credit for having a softer side and for being a good person. You've slighted yourself in that department for far too long.

Summer 2020 is going to be a transformative time for you. Some of those changes will be self-initiated, but the vast majority of them will be coming from outside forces. Don't worry: it won't be any change that's against your will, but you might have a slightly apprehensive moment here and there where you are saying "what's going on?" while the ground shifts underneath you. You need to trust that the universe has your best interests at heart at this time. This 2020 year of the Rat has a number of effects on a number of signs, but for you, Dragon, during the summer months (and especially around the solstice), the Rat wants to rearrange the scenery around you drastically. You're going to feel a little like a child's toy being pulled all over the playground. But don't worry: you are a beloved toy and there's no way the Rat would let anything happen to you or leave you on the playground. This does mean the universe is going to send you on all sorts of adventures. Your only mission as you're being pulled to and fro is to learn as much as you can. Soak up every ounce of information. This is the only sort of agency you have available to you when the world is in tumult, so make the most use of it.

The real test of your ability to be a pillar for your friends will come in the fall, specifically the first week of September 2020. Well, your friends know that you're a pillar; this is really the test to prove it to you. Don't worry if you don't know how to act like a strong person. Here's a pro tip: you do it all the time anyway. Listen to what your friend (or friends) in trouble needs, analyze the situation, and provide what you can. This is such second nature to you that you don't realize you do it all the time. Here's a big difference: this time you need to observe yourself doing it. After you've seen yourself in action, your next challenge presents itself: you need to help yourself. It doesn't matter what area of your life you change, you need to use that same analytical process on you and figure out what you need. It's probably going to be very uncomfortable for you, Dragon, what with asking for help as well as pointing out your own flaws. But that's the nature of growth: uncomfortable situations yielding longer-term knowledge and experience.

That's a lot of getting out of your comfort zone this year, Dragon. You're probably going to be very discombobulated and fatigued by the time November 2020 rolls around. Well, you're in luck. This is a good time for regrouping a bit and taking stock of where you are and what changes you've gone through. In the first week of the month, you should schedule a day for being completely unplugged. This means not only staying off the computer, but also your phone and television. You're going to go into a total electronic blackout and just sit quietly and listen. When you do, take note of what you hear. That will probably include your breathing and the sounds of your environment. Hopefully, you'll also start to hear small, little requests for yourself. It might be as prosaic as the sense that you're hungry. Or maybe it's a bigger want, like "I want to live somewhere else". These are probably some things you've never heard articulated so clearly in your head before, or if you have, they've been drowned out by the noises of the everyday world. This is part of figuring out what you want for yourself without worrying about the needs of others. And that's okay: you will continue to help and be supportive of other people in your life. But you will also make sure to listen to these internal requests as well. Try to make this unplugged session a habit in your life. And if for any reason nothing was coming to you when you first tried it, don't worry. Sit and listen again and again. Even if nothing speaks to you, the quiet will do wonders for your health.

You are a pillar of wisdom, strength, and confidence, Dragon. 2020 is the year where this finally sinks into that brain of yours. Everyone around you has known this for ages. It's understandable that it's going to take you a while to realize it yourself. But what holds up a pillar? Its own strength, of course. And that's what's been holding you up all this time. Now is the time for that strength to do more than that and actually boost you to higher heights. You've been a support for so many people all of your life. Now it's time for you to make the time for yourself.

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