December 2020 Horoscope Aquarius

December 2020 Horoscope Aquarius

December 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Likable Aquarius, the beginning of this month was made for you. You will be able to express your natural sociability and intelligence amongst friends with ease. The second half of the month will be much more serious and contemplative. If you need some time alone, make sure you get it.

December starts off with the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius in your solar 11th house. Your cheerful, breezy attitude will be welcomed by your friends. Pursue some of your hopes and dreams during this time with self-confidence and independence. Long-term plans might thwart you right now, so keep your focus on things you can complete immediately.

With Venus in Scorpio in your solar 10th house, there might some drama around relationships at work or with the way people view you. If you enjoy the drama, thrive on it. Otherwise, you’ll only have to weather it until Venus moves into Sagittarius later in the month.

Mars will be in Aries all month in your 3rd house. You might be communicating with force (and you might get a little too blunt). Especially try to keep things reigned in around siblings, cousins, and other family members. If you have a lot to tell people, try to do it tactfully.

Throughout the second week of December, your feelings and energy levels will fluctuate. Stay optimistic and enjoy the days that provide you with all the energy you need.

The New Moon in Sagittarius will fall on December 14th in your solar 11th house. Enjoy this day and reflect on all you have done with friends and all your hopes and dreams (those reached and those still in progress). Venus will sextile Jupiter and Mercury will be in opposition to the North Node. These two aspects might bring some mental confusion and strong emotions. Try to take it easy and bask in the freedom afforded by the New Moon.

On December 15th, Venus will enter Sagittarius in your solar 11th house. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all sitting in Sagittarius, this is a time for free-thinking, optimistic fun. Venus is sextile Saturn at this time, so you can take this opportunity to woo a new business partner or fortify a current one. At the same time, Mercury will trine Mars, giving you a source of energy to pull on for your mental activities.

Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius in your solar 1st house in the middle of the month. You will have both determination and luck when it comes to matters of identity, appearance, and the way you see yourself. Your tendency to look to the future and many friendships will be especially helpful during this time.

The beginning of winter will usher in a reflective time for you. You might need some uncharacteristic time alone. On December 20th, Mercury enters Capricorn in your solar 12th house. Your mind will take a logical approach to matters that are secret and unknown. You might be very serious about these things.

On December 21st, the Sun will also enter Capricorn in your solar 12th house. Ambition and dedication will be a hallmark of your pursuit of all things hidden, deep spiritual matters, or possibly a need for time on your own. Jupiter will be conjunct Saturn, lending you the ability to work hard at this time.

Mars will square Pluto on December 23rd, making you feel somewhat angry about change and resistant to it. On December 25th things will look somewhat brighter with Mercury trine Uranus. Your natural originality will shine during this period. Then on December 28th, the Sun will trine Uranus as well. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and as such will let you show off the best parts of yourself with the help of these favorable aspects.

The Full Moon in Cancer will be in your solar 6th house. Falling on December 30th, this is a good time to make yourself comfortable in areas of everyday work and health. Focus your strong emotions on getting healthy and working hard and the year will end well.

Remember to always lean on your friends, Aquarius. They are a tremendous resource for you and will likely be willing to help whenever you need them. The beginning of the month will be a perfect time for this, but if you need to ask them for patience during the last half of the month, that will also be accepted with grace.

Give yourself the space you need and nourish your hopeful mind this month, and you will skate easily into the new year.

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