December 2020 Horoscope Sagittarius

December 2020 Horoscope Sagittarius

December 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius, the second half of your season will end well, with December wrapping up on a high note. The Full Moon at the end of the month will put you in a contemplative state perfect for starting the new year.

The Sun and Mercury will be in Sagittarius in your solar 1st house. Enjoy this freeing time and let your cheerfulness and optimism run wild. Redefine your identity and get clear on who you are. Your mind is on board, so take this time when things are lining up to make progress.

With Venus in Scorpio in your solar 12th house, you might be tempted to cultivate some bad habits or keep secrets in love. If this happens, be reassured that when Venus enters Sagittarius later in the month you can let things go with a more light-hearted attitude.

Mars will be in Aries all month, giving you the confidence and self-reliance you need to get creative. You might feel the need to show your love for your children or loved ones. Don’t hold this instinct back.

In the second week of December, you will be hit with some creative inspiration. Pursue art and enjoy this week even if some days are better than others. If you find your energy waning on certain days, take it easy, and wait for your energy to return later.

The New Moon will occur in Sagittarius on December 14th in your solar 1st house. Take this time to reflect and feel free. You can think about your identity and how you see yourself. This is a great time to think about things without getting too dramatic. Let your intense emotions sail away.

On December 15th, Venus enters Sagittarius in your solar 1st house for adventurous fun and love that you will likely feel reflects on who you are.

Venus will sextile Saturn at the same time, making this a good time for partnerships and business and love. Mercury will trine Mars, putting your mind and stores of energy on the same page.

On December 17th, Saturn enters Aquarius in your solar 3rd house. Two days later, Jupiter does the same. Let your natural luck and likable qualities loose to make the most of communication and maintain good relationships with family. Do you need to make a point right now? This might be a great time to do it.

On December 20th, Mercury enters Capricorn, bringing a fair amount of logic and rational thought to your money matters and possessions. This is a great time to get your worldly assets organized.

As we bid goodbye to Sagittarius season, the Sun enters Capricorn in your solar 2nd house. With Mercury already here, you will be able to apply a fair amount of diligence and hard work to matters of money. Work hard, but remember to forgive yourself if you don’t accomplish as much as you would like.

On December 25th and 28th, Mercury and then the Sun will trine Uranus. Your cheerful nature will team up with these inspirational aspects and you might find yourself creating some extremely original thoughts. Take this opportunity to express yourself and leave yourself open to serendipity. In addition, others might look to you for leadership.

With the Full Moon in Cancer on December 30th, you will get a little pensive. The solar 8th house will see some activity, so your mind might be drawn to spiritual topics, thoughts of life and death, and things connected to your ancestors. This will be a day to get comfortable at home and let your emotions and thoughts wander through this mystical area.

Enjoy the end of your season and celebrate your birthday in a creative way if it falls in December. Emotions might run high this month, but your easy-going nature and ability to stay optimistic will help you navigate everything that happens. The month will draw to a close with a fortuitous focus on love and money.

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