Aquarius Horoscope for March 2020

March 2020 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for March 2020

Monthly March 2020 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

Your individuality, creativity, and large scale thinking will be huge for you in the month of March 2020. These are your natural personality traits, but the planetary alignment during this period will intensify and amplify your already inborn tendency towards flights of fancy and invention. This can be a huge opportunity for you personally, professionally, financially, intellectually, and even in your family life. This is also a time when your rambunctiousness and rebellion will grate on others and potentially get you into a whole heap of trouble. This will be a time when you have to simultaneously let your freak flag fly and keep yourself under control, a delicate balancing act for anyone, but especially difficult for you, Aquarius.

Planetary weight will be focused in the southern half of your chart this month, Aquarius. This indicates that career and professional concerns should take a backseat to domestic, personal, individual issues. This doesn't mean that you can't make headway in your career, simply that if you want to succeed in the professional realm you would do well to focus on your own well-being at home first. A happy comfortable mind is more likely to come up with solutions for the problems facing you in your job. Any travel for work should be put off until after Mercury exits retrograde on the 9th, that is unless you enjoy getting lost in airports and having your luggage misplaced. You, an air sign, are naturally drawn to the sky, but wait until the time is right to go flying.

The other aspect dominating your chart is a concentration in the eastern sector of your chart. This, along with the influence of Mars and Venus, not to mention the new moon on the 24th, spell a time when your independence and strength will come to dominate your romantic relationships. You can rightly expect that your partner may resist your impulse to spread your wings, Aquarius, but this will not be a long term impediment to your loving relationship. Look for opportunities to show your love with romantic gestures, especially during the lull of the middle of the month. Single Aquarians can count on Venus to open up new romantic avenues. A prospect in your work life will make a subtle sign during the last half of the month.

Any major home improvements or other changes to your home should be deferred until the end of the Venus retrograde period. This includes but is not limited to new paint, new flooring, even new pieces of art. These moves could bring disharmony with family and other loved ones. Better to wait until the stars are more amenable to your unique sense of style and decorating. This is also a period to reach out to the younger members of your extended family and offer support and wisdom. Pay special attention to fire signs in your family. March 2020 is likely to be a trying period for them and your experience and sharp mind will be indispensable to them.

While your health is mostly ruled by the planet Uranus, his movements this month don't bode particularly well for you. Pay extra caution around the 19th. This time will bring an increased risk of injury and disease, but if you take special care of yourself in the first half of the month you shouldn't fare too poorly. Eat well, get some sun, and exercise. If you've been contemplating any elective procedures, the beginning of the month will be a much safer time to pursue them. The relatively placid disposition of the moon throughout March will help soothe your stormy mental waters and bring sweet dreams.

Financially, you should take March as a time to save and to cut back on the unnecessary expenses in your life. Don't gamble at all during March, Aquarius. The odds will not be in your favor. An unforeseen expense could crop up in the last week of the month. Don't get flatfooted and make sure to keep your powder dry until that time.

Overall, March can be a good month for you if you are prudent, patient, and self-contained. Try to keep a lid on your more crazy impulses, take care of yourself and others, and save for the future. Spring is a time of renewal and growth, but you should try to reinforce the good things in your life before you set out to break the mold. Don't get ahead of yourself and keep your head out of the clouds, Aquarius.

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