Virgo Horoscope for March 2020

March 2020 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for March 2020

Monthly March 2020 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

March, Virgo, will be a time of simultaneous success and anxiety for you. The planets, split between the north and south, will be confusing, even scrambling, your sense of what's working or not working in your life. Expect a steady mix of good and bad across all aspects of life in March, which is going to be invigorating and frustrating for you, Virgo. Your logical, practical nature will be hard-pressed to reconcile everything the universe has in store for you this month, so gird your loins for a wild ride.

Financially, things will be up and down for you this month. The beginning of the month will be a bit complicated as Mercury remains in retrograde. Expect delays, frustrations, and misunderstandings galore as the banks and moneylenders try to sort out their rat's nest of paperwork and sundry other complications. If you start to feel especially frustrated take a step back and postpone financial dealings until the middle of the month and later. The lottery and other gambling will not be your friend, but be prepared to capitalize on a golden opportunity in your work life. On the 9th of March, a full moon will enter Virgo, setting the stage for felicity, serendipity, and magic in your work life. All of the careful planning you've laid out previously will be near the point of fruition. This is a true grab at the brass ring for you, Virgo. If you get the opportunity to travel for work, you'll know you're on the right track.

Your health will remain on its normal even keel throughout the month of March. You should anticipate no major problems, but you would do well to continue with your normal maintenance programs and medications. Make sure your diet and exercise regimes don't fall by the wayside, as your diligence is what led to this period of good health in the first place. Pay special attention to your digestive system. Your stomach will be trying to tell you something near the beginning of the month and you would be well advised to listen closely to what it is so urgently trying to tell you. Stay away from red and spicy foods as these will clash with your internal biology if you overindulge this month. If you are able, a day spent in cool conditions will help you keep your mind clear and free of destructive thought patterns. A trip to a spa or body of water is also a good idea as the month progresses, Virgo.

On the romantic front, March will be a tremendous month for your close personal and intimate relationships. Mercury will be transiting Aquarius, cementing your intimate partnership securely and opening the door for you to explore new erotic avenues. This is a wonderful time to experiment with your partner, if that is something that has been lacking in the past. Don't push things too far though, as Mercury's retrograde state can also mean that communications may become muddled.

The Spring equinox is in March, dear Virgo, and that is perhaps the best time of the entire year of 2020 to try something new. The back end of the month will be a fertile ground for you to plant any seeds you may be holding in reserve and to express any wild ideas you've been suppressing to the universe. Be bold, not afraid.

This period is also perhaps and wonderful opportunity to experiment with your personal style, sartorial or otherwise. Dig through those closets and discard the old worn out things you never wear anymore. Donate or dump anything that doesn't bring a little light of happiness into your soul, and replace those items with things that speak to your newfound vim and vigor. A new and stylish haircut will make all the difference in your pursuits this month, and will impress a person who will likely become very important to you in the coming months and years.

Pay special attention to the number 16 throughout the month of March. This will signal both opportunity and danger, and you will need all your guile and wisdom to interpret which is which. This is the month of March in microcosm for you, Virgo. Risk and reward, an open door and an icy sidewalk. Be careful and considered but unafraid to try new things and to leap at opportunities. The world is your oyster, but be sure to give that oyster a good sniff before you shoot it down the hatch.

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