November 2020 Horoscope Aquarius

November 2020 Horoscope Aquarius

November 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

The past few weeks may have had their bouts of uncertainty, but the bigger picture is a little easier to see in November for you, Aquarius.

Mercury retrograde in particular brought a bundle of false starts and dead ends, but when this ends on November 3rd, you recognize you can piece together the information to use as a map going forward. Although the markings on the paper may not be so significant right now, you can use the blank spots to fill in your worldview too.

Things could go one of two ways when Ceres enters Pisces on the 9th. Of course, this depends on how well you’ve worked on your second house of earned income and values this year as the Earth Mother asteroid could reveal that your priorities have been mishandled.

If you’ve truly been putting in the emotional and tangible work though, this transit could ensure that all your needs are provided for, at least for a while.

Whether you fall into fortune or not, your tenth house of career and life’s work is activated once Mercury enters Scorpio on the 10th. The planet of communication often brings goal-oriented conversations and the making of long-term plans as it travels through this sector of the chart. Odds are, over the next few weeks, you’ll discover exactly what you need to do with what you have to get yourself where you want to be.

Any endeavors involving communications with authority or the utilization of technologies are favored right now. Written projects excel during this time as well, and it’s likely you’ll end up having an important conversation with a supervisor, parent, or mentor figure.

On the 12th, Jupiter makes a conjunction to Pluto for the third time this year in Capricorn and your twelfth house. It’s time to let go of your baggage once and for all, especially if the past year has brought you face-to-face with one or more emotional crises. You can remedy the depression that comes from feeling stagnant and stuck by using powerful emotions as a catalyst.

This is easier said than done considering the heaviness of this transit, but remind yourself that moving on is not dependent on closure. Often we can find just what we need by releasing the need to know.

Indeed, the last couple of months may have involved a lot of pointless flopping around as you tried to suss out what was worth the effort. The answers get a little clearer after the 13th as does your ability to put them into action. That’s thanks to Mars stationing direct in Aries and your third house of perception and communication.

The key right now is to apply some focus into a direction so you can really rev the engine and take off with some speed.

Your support system could give you a jumpstart around the 15th under the new moon in Scorpio and your tenth house. With this fresh investigative energy starting a new cycle in your public sector, you should focus on making contacts of all sorts. You’re likely to discover some information that could boost your status or your position or maybe even net you a promotion.

If you’re thinking of planning a group activity or party, the 21st or after would be best because Venus will be snuggling up in your tenth house. You’re feeling much more friendly than you were earlier this month, and you might even meet someone special through a coworker or boss.

Finally, some real lighthearted energy is on the horizon with the Sun’s entrance into Sagittarius on the 21st. The solar light illuminates your eleventh house for the next month or so, and you’re finding your shine by navigating the social and collective domains. Group affiliations are a good investment right now as are any kinds of broad community connections.

This is a great time for marketing your thoughts and for experimenting with some unconventional ideas. If there’s any word to describe you through this transit, it’s innovative.

You’ll once again be able to increase your self-worth using your faith and compassion after the 28th. Although the effects of Neptune’s station direct in Pisces and your second house are subtle, the intuition and idealism surrounding your value system will be noticeable.

Maybe this change in your sense of value adds some tension to a romantic relationship. Even if not, the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini and your fifth house put a rare spotlight on the way you have fun and who you share your inner child with. Try not to get sidetracked with squabbles and disagreements.

Instead, do all you can to enjoy yourself and playfully addressing any problems – almost with childlike innocence. If you can ensure the demands of your life don’t overshadow your ability to enjoy life’s pleasures, you’ll be heading into welcoming weather in December.

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