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August 2021 Taurus Horoscope

August will be a beautiful and healing month for you, Taurus.

On the last day of July, there was a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury playing a significant role in how the first few weeks of the month will play out. This conjunction will happen in your 4th house.

Mercury will open a highway for you to reconnect with your past. Nostalgia will leave the month feeling slightly strange as you reconnect with your roots. You may be astonished somewhat with the passage of time as you connect the pieces of your life's story so far. This should be a celebratory moment as you have been able to rely on yourself through thin and thick. This could also be a month to reconnect with your family and loved ones. You may find that people won't shy away from showing their appreciation for you. Spread the love. Through these challenging circumstances, it is very much needed to connect with people.

If it sounds like it's going to be an emotional month, it's because it will be.

It could be hard to hide your emotions, and if you tend to be more reserved, this can be slightly frustrating. Everyone will see you like an open book. Resisting it will be futile, so loosen up. There is an endless world of insight that can be gained by sharing how you feel with others. We learn that the human experience is just a mirror and that we are all in this together. As sappy as it sounds, it's true.

This August, Mars will also be cruising through the sign of Virgo all month.

Like a warrior, he will charge through your 5th house. Here Mars becomes playful and cerebral. This transit gets you feeling unstoppable, and with the rigor of Virgo, an impulse to let loose and the party might be hard to ignore. This transit brings an incredible sense of stimulation, and if your surroundings don't support that need for adventure, you could feel angry and dissatisfied. All this energy has to be channeled out somewhere. Stillness won't be an option. Be careful with recklessness and childlike behaviour. There's a tendency to want things your way with this transit. Still, be mature. We can't all have everything.

Mars will also interact with the North Node transiting through your 2nd house since September of last year. This is a long cycle, and when things take that long to come to fruition, you know it's serious. This is the place of your worldly possessions and finances. There's a chance you are recovering from some sort of financial instability (and who isn't). Yet, this seems to have also affected your relationships and your ability to enjoy life. With the North Node in Gemini, the challenge is to meet in the middle and see life for what it is. Taurus tends to like the finer things in life and having to make severe budget cuts can have a more significant emotional toll on you than on others. There's nothing wrong with that, but taking the time to readjust is a given. Mars making a square with the Node will come with a boost in morale. The days of feeling sorry for yourself are long gone, and you're feeling up for the challenge now. The square will light a fire within you that will give you the fuel needed to chase after a change.

It's been dark for far too long, and you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The New Moon in Leo happening on the 8th will be the last little bit of confirmation of your true potential. All unresolved predicaments will seem to all be solving themselves. Deep down, you will know that this is only the fruit of the hard work you have been putting on yourself. The beautiful thing is that when you work on yourself, really, you are working on the whole entire world. You lead by example and turn to expand what you call home and call the family to the collective of souls that share this world with you. The New Moon will likely get you in the mood to go out in nature. Camping with friends is a strong possibility.

The month comes to a close with the Full Moon in Aquarius in our 10th house. The theme of this moon for you is turning small investments into ample opportunities. Aquarius has a certain Saturnian air to it, so you could notice the world's pace might be a lot slower than yours. Slowing down and applying all that energy to perfect your foundation can be a reliable way to take your career to the next level. This could even be a time where you see that one of your hobbies can actually be profitable, but making a move to jump ship and refurbish your life requires premeditated actions. You can use the air energy of this moon to layout a business plan, retouch your resume, or even go back to school for a career change. You are your only limitation, but know that good things require a lot of work. Don't start anything unprepared.

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