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February 2021 Taurus Horoscope

Taurus, it should come as welcome news that the Aquarius season will continue to be good for your career. While changing things up and harnessing Aquarius’ natural rebellious tendencies might not be your natural style, it is a good idea to roll with it at the beginning of February 2021. Progressive ideas in the area of your career and public standing will only benefit you right now.

Later this month you will be able to sit back and get introspective. Your solar 11th House matches up with Pisces, allowing you to dive deep into your friendships and think long and hard about your hopes and wishes for the future. Uncover things that maybe you have kept hidden (even from yourself) in terms of your hopes. Are there things about your friendships you haven’t been acknowledging? Pisces sensitivity should help you to get in touch with these parts of yourself. Try to let your emotions out and don’t be too hard on yourself. You tend to be stoic and steady. It’s okay to let the walls down sometimes so that you can grow and make changes for the better.

Mars will be in Taurus in your solar 1st House all month long. Things generally move slowly when Mars is in Taurus, but things will still move. Whatever it is that’s going on with your identity or Self right now, it will continue stalwartly while Mars remains in Taurus.

With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in your solar 10th House and sign of Aquarius right now, your focus will likely be on ways to be progressive in your career and in relation to how you are viewed by other people.

Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde until the 21st of February. You might want to hold off on important matters relating to communication and short trips.

On February 6th, Venus conjuncts Saturn, making you feel an even stronger sense of responsibility toward your intimate partners than you already feel. There is likely a steadiness about you already, but this aspect will make it stronger.

February 7th might throw you off balance, with your ruling planet, Venus, squaring off against Uranus. You might make bad choices in regards to your relationships or things will simply feel off-kilter.

On February 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius will fall in your solar 10th House. The new moon always allows us an opportunity to start over. Is there anything in relation to your career or how you are perceived by the public that you would like to begin again? Use Aquarius’ creative, forward-thinking intellect to get a new perspective. As a Taurus, you generally like things to be settled. The changes implied by this new moon might feel uncomfortable, but will be for the best in the long run. And I think we can agree that stability, in the long run, is worth shaking things up in the present.

To aid you on February 11th, Venus conjuncts Jupiter, offering a little extra attractiveness to help you appeal to others.

On February 13th you’ll get a little more help from your ruling planet. Mercury conjuncts Venus, bringing out the charm in your communication and help you balance intellect and emotion.

On February 18th, the Sun enters Pisces in your solar 11th House, encouraging introspection. Pisces will help you tap into your sensitive side. You’ll be drawn to ponder your friendships, your future hopes, and your wishes. See if you can dig deep. This might lead you to a more mystical or spiritual place in your mind. Let Pisces’ influence guide you. You are strong, Taurus, but you are also sensitive.

Venus squares Mars on February 19th, putting some strain on intimate relationships. You might feel more argumentative than normal.

Mercury starts to move direct again starting on February 21st. Anything you’ve been putting off in terms of communication or short trips can be taken care of now.

On February 25th, Venus enters Pisces in your solar 11th House. Again, let Pisces sensitivity help you access deeper feelings about matters of the 11th House like hopes, dreams, and friendships. With Venus now also in this sign, you might find that these thoughts also include matters of beauty or love.

On February 27th, the Full Moon in Virgo falls in your solar 5th House. Your ideas about fun and creativity are likely always a bit constrained or perhaps you require yourself to do everything perfectly which holds you back in this area. Use the full moon and Virgo’s influence to find some clarity in matters related to the 5th house such as children, fun, and creativity. The Full Moon will likely illuminate some things you did not see before.

Overall, February will be a time for you to innovate in your career and ponder your hopes and dreams.

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