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July 2021 Cancer Horoscope

It is your grand season in the spotlight Cancer and you’ll be surprised just how much your tendencies can affect the rest of the zodiacs! You are one of the most emotional signs, and being ruled by the Moon makes your water’s tides dance and sway under its light. This month, you are the hostess to all the other zodiacs and a few interesting planetary alignments that will bring the matters of the heart at the forefront for most signs. Your sentimental nature is something you’ve grown accustomed to, but can you handle the same energy from others you interact with? Cancer, you can become overwhelmed by other’s feelings because you already tend to be so emotional. Although you are sympathetic to the problems of the outer world, you just want to enjoy your birthday month without much worry.

Cancer, you are a mighty crustacean whose tough outer shell makes you feel like the strongest zodiac in the bunch. But be careful of your strength and remember to enjoy yourself above all.

The Last Quarter Moon is a very peaceful entity for you, sensitive Cancer. Every moon phase affects your spirit in strong and intricate ways that allow you to expel emotion from deep inside your subconscious. The Last Quarter Moon specifically causes you to feel the urge for comfort and safety. Your emotions will be very unstable, so the need to curl up and feel warm will be your most important priority. Whenever Cancer experiences the reflection of the Last Quarter Moon over its tides, they will seek only those who bring them the necessity of love and care. During this time remember that people don’t always have to be your source of safety, but a good book or comfort-meal can also provide your spirit with the same result. Relax Cancer, it is your time to pamper yourself and focus on your needs!

Once you feel the loving embrace of safety and comfort, you will feel strong enough to venture out into the world and enjoy the gifts bestowed upon you on your birth month. Jupiter, the planet of giants, and Uranus the planet whose main objective is seeking truth, will align in a way that causes a desire for adventure and to gets lost in the world’s discoveries. However, Cancer is a zodiac to find new discoveries in everyday things, and traveling out of their comfort zone does not happen often. Cancer doesn’t need to expand out of their box, they have everything they need within them. So when the call to adventure awaits, Cancer can rest soundly knowing they aren’t missing out on much. It is important to remain a good host during the other zodiac’s stay in your home and not leave them unattended. Your emotional tendencies are spreading across the world right now and adventuring may be a clashing force you might not be ready for.

However, something beneficial to you during your birth month is story-telling. Entertaining others with your tales of romance and bravery are what makes you the creative zodiac that you are. You can spin wonderful stories that are emotionally-based, connecting to your audience in passionate ways. Whenever Mercury enters Cancer on the 11th, prepare to be the creator that everyone needs. You will illustrate stories and write endlessly to satisfy your need to communicate, and with Mercury’s rapid speed of production, you will surprise those around you with your constant supply of entertainment. Always a good host, Cancer can be incredibly empathetic and can mold their tongue to appeal to their listeners, especially with Mercury living in their home.

With this new attention will come even more recognition, when the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd. This is almost very unlike you, garnishing attention from all the zodiacs with your vanity and communication skills. You're the birthday child after all, so it doesn’t come as a surprise. However, your easy-handling of “all eyes on you” and your flourishing of personality from it might make you feel invincible and grand. Do remember that you are still a soft and delicate Crab, and when the party’s over you will have to live with your true self once again. Ride along the wave of caution when experiencing new people, places, and materialistic things. It’s a fun whirlwind right now, but the only things that last forever are our emotions and our souls. Take care of yourself and remember your energy is sacred.

At the end of your time hosting the Zodiacs in your 4th home, you will find that the Last Quarter Moon does a second and final lap around your spirit. This month has been overwhelming for you and you’ve disconnected so much from your emotional and sensitive self. Do not be alarmed when the energies of Mercury and Leo fade and you are left with the deep intricacies of the Crab. You are a beautiful creature whose emotions must be celebrated, not dealt with shame.

Sensitive Crab, your birth month is when you venture out of your normal persona and have a taste of all the other Zodiacs. Remember that you are a unique being and your emotion is a gift, not a burden.

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